Jacob MacDonald

I met Alice by chance when I showed up at the wrong open house. I couldn’t be happier now looking back that I ran into her finding out later she is one of the top realtors in the Vancouver area and I now know why. I was just starting my search and still didn’t have a realtor. Alice was so knowledgeable about the Market and the areas I was interested in that it was a no brainer. So we started working together. Dealing with Alice was a pleasure. She never rushed me, and I never felt like I was being pushed into a deal. She genuinely wanted to help me find the perfect place. When she knew we were stumbling on a great find she made it clear why this would be a good buy, not just for now but for resale down the road. She taught me a lot about the industry. What to watch out for and to be cautious. The market was challenging and it wasn’t easy as often there were multiple offers. As time went on we were able to narrow down the search to one area and one group of buildings and when my place came up in Squamish we drove in a snowstorm to see it while all other potential buyers stayed home. It was Alice going the extra mile and jumping on an opportunity that sets her apart. We closed the deal and I was able to get into my first Condo. I will always go to Alice for future buys. Thank you Alice!!!!