How to Search for Your Next Home Online

Offering a customizable and user-friendly experience for property research, our website provides a comprehensive online platform to begin searching and researching for your next home. Through our ‘property search’ page, you’ll have access to a robust database of all the properties -- from condos to house to land-- available in the Lower Mainland. Here we share tips to help you refine your online search, so that you’re always up-to-date and informed to make smart home-buying decisions.

Begin your property search
Start your search by going on our ‘property search’ page on our website where you can search for homes based on a MLS number, city, neighbourhood, or address.

Apply filters
To refine your search, it’s best to apply filters to narrow your choices closest to the end property you want. By default, the search tool is set to search for all property types in all cities. To select a specific city, click ‘city’ to choose the city you’d like to search from the drop-down menu. Next, click ‘search options’, found top right of the toolbar. Here, you’ll be able to further filter down your search by property type, set a price range, set a size range, and the preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Set Up Alerts
Rather than continually searching for new properties, our search tool offers you the chance to sign up for immediate property alerts. Based on the search criteria you set, you’ll get notified by email anytime a new property listing meets your search criteria. 

To set up these personalized alerts, click the bell icon at the upper right corner of the ‘property search’ page. If you have yet to set up a rennie account, click the link labeled ‘don’t have an account’ to set one up and get started. From here, you’ll set your search criteria (the same process as applying filters) and then determine the frequency of email notifications you want to receive. 

Experience Virtual Tours
Technology has made viewing and experiencing a home possible without having to physically step inside it. Virtual tours allow you to enter other homes in the comfort of your own.  To view listings that offer virtual tours, click 'tours' on the top tool bar, then select 'virtual tours'. This will prompt all listings offering virtual tours to populate. Determine the listing you want to see and click on the video camera icon located on the top right-hand corner to experience a virtual tour of that listing. 

Searching and researching for homes online is often the first step of the buyer's journey. Connect with a rennie advisors or email us at if you need assistance setting-up search filters or alerts or to view listings offering virtual tours.

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