Top Private Secondary Schools in Vancouver

For parents, choosing to settle down in a neighbourhood with reputable school options can be as important of a factor as a neighbourhood’s walking score, or the range of amenities offered. Fortunately, according to the Fraser Institute, Vancouver has numerous private secondary schools ranking at or near the top of the list – a measure reflecting their academic performance. Schools ranked by the Fraser Institute were measured in the areas of reading, numeracy, and writing – as these are indicative of the schools overall performance. While we acknowledge that the Fraser Institute’s criteria for top schools is limited, it is nonetheless a good place to begin when considering neighbourhoods to live and schools to consider. 

Here are the top school rankings according to the Fraser Institute for 2020.

Crofton House
Location: 3200 41st Avenue W
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2017-18 Rank: 1/251

Established in 1898, Crofton House is an independent all girls school educating students from kindergarten to Grade 12 with a focus on preparing its students for university and the future ahead. At Crofton House, you’ll find small classes and passionate teachers with a wide variety of academic classes as well as comprehensive sports, clubs, and activities programs. Located at the border of Dunbar and Kerrisdale on a large 10 acres, the environment at Crofton House aims to inspire.

Little Flower Academy
Location:  4195 Alexandra Street
Neighbourhood: Shaughnessy
2017-18 Rank: 1/251

Little Flower Academy is an all-girls Catholic school for students in Grades 8 to 12. The Academy’s objective is developing healthy students who enjoy learning, while realizing their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional potential. Providing students with the best education in an all-girls environment, Little Flower Academy’s curriculum is rooted in Catholic values.

West Point Grey
Location: 4125 8th Avenue W
Neighbourhood: Point Grey
2017-18 Rank: 1/251

The focus of West Point Grey is on their students is their overall wellbeing, offering classes for girls and boys from kindergarten to Grade 12. West Point Grey provides experiences that model empathy and integrity as a basis for all actions, in parallel with keeping a strong academic program and include signature experiences such as co-curricular clubs, debate programs, digital arts, engineering design, global learning, and outdoor environmental education. 

York House
Location: 4176 Alexandra Street
Neighbourhood: Shaughnessy
2017-18 Rank: 7/251

A leading independent day school, York House School is located in Vancouver’s prestigious Shaughnessy neighbourhood. York House School prides itself in its small classes and the highest caliber of teachers. While primarily an academic school, York House’s sports teams are provincially ranked year over year, and also boast an award-winning arts department.

St. George’s
Location: 4175 W 29th Avenue
Neighbourhood: Dunbar
2018-19 Rank: 8/251

As an all-boys university prep school, St. George’s offers grades 1 through 12, with boarding possible for grades 8 through 12. Founded in 1930, St. George’s has 1,160 students with 110 boarders from over 20 countries worldwide. Embracing innovative programs, the school provides male students with a challenging and supportive environment where they develop a solid knowledge base in academics along with other disciplines. In addition to knowledge, students of St. George’s develop key virtues including empathy, humility, integrity, resilience, respect, and responsibility.

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