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The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is ‘people'. - Kamil Toume

About Me

Chrys Li began working at rennie at 2018, having been in Real Estate since 2011. Working with clients, she enjoys discovering every home’s unique attributes: “No two homes are exactly alike,” she says. “It’s very extraordinary.” Since starting at rennie, she has been very impressed with the supportive work culture: her rennie team members are always friendly and remarkably supportive of each other’s business. From the South of China, Chrys was raised in Saskatchewan. She loves living in Vancouver, where she can go snowboarding and for walks down a cherry-blossom-lined street, all in the course of a day. For Chrys, another bonus to life in Vancouver is the mix of cultures and the resulting rich variety of cuisines (Ask her where to get a good hot pot. She knows!). Chrys starts her day with a good, strong coffee, and enjoys being outdoors. She’s a history buff, especially when it comes to Canada, and visitors to her home will likely find a Historical Atlas of Our Great Nation on her coffee table.

I specialize in Condos and Pre-Sale, and speak Cantonese, English, French, Japanese and Mandarin.

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