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"What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while." ~ Gretchin Rubin

About Me

Deanna Lythgo started her career as a rennie Advisor in 2012. With an exceptional focus on service, Deanna dedicates herself to helping young professionals and families navigate the stages of life and connect with their communities through real estate. One of her most favourite aspects of real estate is building a roadmap with prospective Purchasers and Sellers; having goals that are attainable start with building a reasonable and responsible foundation when it comes to financing, contractor sourcing and budgeting for renovations or, understanding the basic standards of being a great landlord. Deanna graduated from Langara's Real Estate Construction and Development program in Summer 2018. The program examines the physical aspects of residential properties - estimating of construction costs; controlling of construction costs; practical overview of real estate projects from initial concept to completed project; and the fundamentals of written, verbal, and non-verbal communications in real estate construction. This knowledge increases her skill set and service benefits for both residential clients and pre-construction Developers. She furthermore carries a Rental Property Management license, and is a member of Landlord BC where she is certified in the Renting It Right program for landlords. Deanna has now been living in Yaletown for over a decade and loves its perfect mix of urban, history and nature. Over the next ten years, Deanna looks forward to the completion of the many pre-sale residential developments that she has worked on marketing and selling throughout the course of her career with rennie. Watching the cityscape and skyline of Vancouver grow and evolve excites her, knowing that she helped facilitate new home sales for the betterment of the city.

I specialize in Condos, First Time Buyers, Pre-Sale and Townhouses.

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