bringing hygge home

By now, many of us are likely well-acquainted with the word “hygge”, but if you aren’t, fall is the perfect season to learn about this celebrated part of Danish culture. The word doesn’t have a direct English translation but describes a lifestyle that celebrates warm atmospheres and slow living. While life doesn’t stop when the weather gets cold, preparing our homes for the changing seasons can help lay the groundwork for a cozy fall and winter ahead. Here are three tips to help bring a sense of hygge to your home. 

1. Deep clean your space
Purging your home of clutter and sweeping dust bunnies out from under the bed is often reserved for spring cleaning, but a tidy, organized home can make time inside much more comfortable. Take everything out of your closets and assess what’s no longer needed. Clean the baseboards around each room, dust the tops of picture frames, and tighten that loose knob on your bathroom cabinet that’s been bothering you all year. If these chores feel overwhelming, break up the project room by room and tackle one every weekend until your home feels sparkling clean. When fall arrives, you’ll be grateful for the sense of calm a fresh, clean living space can bring. 

2. Stock your pantry
Meal delivery apps are often a default choice when the cold, grey weather makes an after-work visit to the grocery store feel impossible. However, we can’t rely on DoorDash alone, so a well-stocked pantry can inspire comforting weeknight meals that pair perfectly with Netflix and your sofa. Most cookbooks and blogs include a pantry list to help recreate their recipes without needing multiple trips to the store so that you can spend time connecting with your loved ones over a home-cooked meal. 

3. Curate a cozy atmosphere
Creating a comfortable space is a fundamental element of this Danish concept. Swap out harsh overhead lighting for dim lamps. Light your favourite candles, ideally in a scent you love. Invest in soft blankets, pillows, and fresh bedding. While you’re at it, you might even want to curate a playlist or two that helps to set the right mood. These little upgrades to your home might feel insignificant, but when fall arrives, you’ll relish the time you spend inside. 

Above all, hygge is a celebration of connection and comfort. While we might yearn for summers spent outside on the lawn with friends and family, cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere can make time spent indoors just as enjoyable. Clean your home and fill it with things that inspire you to relax and recharge. Fall might just become your favourite season.