More than a Realtor, Karim was like our personal Vancouver concierge

“Our superhero/REALTOR® – Karim, literally leapt tall buildings on our behalf as we prepared to relocate from Kelowna to Vancouver last summer. More than a realtor, Karim was like our personal Vancouver concierge. Not only did he show us apartments, he gave us invaluable insights and a “local's perspective" on the buildings and neighbourhoods we were considering (remember we were completely new to the city). It’s safe to say, if Karim ever needs a kidney, we’ll be first in line to offer him one! Thanks to Karim’s expertise, his contacts across the city, his impressive negotiating skills, and seemingly inexhaustible patience, we were able to scout, compare, and ultimately purchase our awesome Vancouver condo with just two trips to the coast and roughly 2,874 texts; if Karim develops carpal tunnel syndrome, we take full responsibility!

#goodapples? Sure. But in Karim’s case, it should be #greatapples.”

- Kris, Andy and Piper, Kelowna