"On the selling side of things, Natalie made it relatively painless."

I had a previous experience with house hunting that was frustrating and discouraging. But in looking for a new place on my second go around I was referred to Natalie by a friend. The experience was night and day. I was presented with a package of what my current place was worth. Also all the details of buying and selling were clearly discussed so I understood my options. While my search encompassed a lot of possibilities, I never felt lost. Everything I was looking for was presented to me. And the process by which I make my decisions was respected. The respect was very important to me. And everything was done at my pace. I never felt I was being sold a property. I felt that I was being able to see what the property could offer me. On the selling side of things, Natalie made it relatively painless. She had me prepared for the process and worked to minimize the stress of selling on myself and my family. All around it was an excellent experience. Would definitely recommend to others. J. Mackin, Canyon Heights