Premier announces 15% TAX on Real Estate in Metro Vancouver purchased by foreigners.

British Columbians have been voicing their disappointment with the Premier’s autocratic style of leadership. While the Premier has also assured us that more severe measures are coming that will attempt to solve the affordability crisis in Metro Vancouver, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's nervous. There’s a general air of anxiety in the air since she announced a 15% tax on real estate for foreigners and the public and industry alike are anxious to know what further surprises are in store.
Could it be less restrictive zoning and perhaps faster approvals of developments to bring on more supply that would ultimately fulfill demand? All of this would actually contribute towards fixing the issue and would provide locals with homes. I'm guessing no though, that's not what the Premier is working on. Perhaps plans to build a big wall around Metro Vancouver? And let me guess, making “foreigners” pay for it?