top public secondary schools in Vancouver

When families are searching for a new home to better fit their evolving needs, local schools are often top of the list when choosing between neighbourhoods. Some areas may have convenient amenities, some may have vast park spaces, while others may be very well connected to the surrounding parts of the city. All of these attributes are important but for many families with school-aged children, which school catchment area your new home falls within is often a top consideration.

Here we take you through the top public secondary schools in Metro Vancouver as ranked by the Fraser Institute. While we acknowledge that the Fraser Institute’s criteria for top schools is limited, it is nonetheless a good place to begin when choosing where to live and which schools to consider. 

Lord Byng Secondary School
Location: 3939 West 16th Ave.
Neighbourhood: Point Grey
2018-19 Rank: 21/252  

Established in 1925, Lord Byng is named in honour of Julian Hedworth George Byng. The school is well-known for its Byng Arts Mini School program and their wide range of sports and music programs. Some alumni have carried successful careers in the arts, including Chris Haddock, a screenwriter best known for popular television series such as MacGyver and Da Vinci’s Inquest, as well as installation artist Stan Douglas, whose work can be seen in the Woodward's building on Hastings Street.

Point Grey Secondary School
Location: 5350 East Blvrd.
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2018-19 Rank: 47/252

Built in 1929 in a Collegiate Gothic style, Point Grey Secondary welcomes all types of learners to their well-rounded curriculum incorporating arts and sports, along with strong academic programs. With Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Physics, and Psychology, it’s no surprise that eighty-five per cent of graduates continue with post-secondary education. Interesting fact: popular comedians Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg both attended Point Grey Secondary and wrote the movie Superbad based on their experiences at the school and even named their company Point Grey Productions.

Magee Secondary School
Location: 6360 Maple St.
Neighbourhood: West Side
2018-19 Rank: 55/252

Founded in 1912 and rebuilt in 2000, Magee Secondary prides itself as an outstanding school with competitive athletics, high academic standards, and a stellar fine arts program. Home to 1,000 students between grades 8 and 12, Magee welcomes a diverse population with students speaking over 30 languages. Magee’s educators are dedicated, experienced, and invest in the culture of the school by spending plenty of time outside of class time leading clubs, sports, activities, and field studies.

David Thompson
Location: 1755 55th Avenue E
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2018-19 Rank: 58/252 

Opened in 1958, David Thompson Secondary was named after the geographer, surveyor, and explorer of the same name. Striving to encourage students to realize their creative, intellectual, and physical potentials, David Thompson embraces three school goals for all students. First, to foster student engagement and critical thinking. Second, to increase literacy. And, third, to increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness, and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures, and contributions.

Eric Hamber
Location: 5025 Willow St.
Neighbourhood: Cambie
2018-19 Rank: 72/252

Home to upwards of 1,700 students, Eric Hamber Secondary sees roughly 70% of their senior class graduate with honors. Opened in 1962 and having been renovated and expanded multiple times, the school has recently been approved for redevelopment. The construction of a newly approved 80 million dollar structure will begin in 2022. The building constructed with LEED gold standards will include a child-care facility. In addition to a strong academic program, including tailored programs for gifted students (The Challenge Program), Eric Hamber is also home to Canada’s largest high school fashion design program.

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