The New Home Buying Experience

With all the changes that are happening locally and globally, buying a home may not be a top priority for some. However, for those who do find themselves navigating the housing market during these times, we remain open for business and are here to serve you. BC recently deemed real estate an essential service and as such, our brokerage has been working hard to adapt to new ways of connecting with you to ensure you can find the home you want while maintaining social distancing and respecting safety first. Here we outline some of the changes that are involved in the new home buying experience.

Use technology to connect  
With social distancing in effect, it is necessary to rely on technology to provide the connections and experiences you would have otherwise received in person. Jump on a video conferencing platform such as FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, Google Meet, or Zoom to connect with your Realtor, your mortgage broker, or other real estate professionals. Digital face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity for you to ask important questions, share or review detailed documents, or simply seek comfort from the professionals who are here to help you every step of the way through your buying journey.

Tour an open-house at home
Technology has made viewing and experiencing a home possible without having to physically step inside it. Virtual tours allow you to "enter" other homes in the comfort of your own. Tools such as Matterport are among the most immersive ways to explore homes. More than a 360-degree virtual tour, Matterport provides the ability to view a property from nearly any angle. As a result, you can feel like you’re physically there. As a bonus, take as much time on your virtual tour as you’d like.

Lean on your Realtor 
Armed with the latest technological tools and timely market intelligence, lean on your Realtor to strategize a game plan that's reflective of the new norm. Your Realtor will understand the ever-evolving nuances during these unprecedented times, and educate you on the constant influx of new rules and regulations around the new home buying experience. A Realtor will also share best practices around new protocols and procedures, such as what to do when there are no open houses to attend in person or how to close on a deal without stepping into a lawyer’s office.

Learning how to navigate this unique market and its nuances is often among your first steps in the home buying journey. To learn more or to ask any questions, connect with a rennie advisor