Vancouver's Best Breweries - Ale Sessions

Recently, I made the move to Strathcona Village. We were excited to get out and fimiliarize ourselves with all the changes that have been happening over the last few years in the neighbourhood. This article, Ranking Vnacouver's Best Breweries, published by Ale Sessions on October 8th, 2018 highlights nicely all the awesome local talent and community that clearly underlines why we were feeling so excited about our move. To our delight, Strathcona Brewing was ranked 7 and is conviently located next door to our new home. I have yet to try all the different breweries mentioned in this list but was excited to share a part of the community I have become a member of. My client and dear friend also moved into Stathcona Vilalge as well and shared this list with me. Looking forward to checking out a few more of these places and tasting what they have to offer, enjoy!