Hello Squamish - Announcing rennie's Expansion to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

We're excited to announce our expansion to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. A new rspace office in Squamish, located on Cleveland Avenue at Pemberton Avenue, will be opening this summer, officially taking our rspace network beyond Metro Vancouver. We're humbled by the opportunity to bring our dedication to exceptional client service, a thoughtful approach to real estate, and a people first company culture to a community we love. 

This move was made possible and more exciting by our growing team of local real estate advisors who live and work in Squamish. We are proud to have them represent our growing brokerage as they offer incredible local market insight, experience, and specialized Sea-to-Sky neighbourhood knowledge. Moreover, they each have strong community ties through the Squamish lifestyle they embody and are eager to support and serve the communities they care deeply about.

Meet our local experts, Martha McLellan, Shawn Wentworth, Jeevan Gill, and Liz Kaiser. We asked them to reflect on what Squamish means to them and why they choose to call it home.

On local pride
Jeevan: Squamish was originally a logging community and my dad, who worked for the local sawmill, moved our family here in 1979. I was only four months old at the time and now it's been my home for over four decades. I've witnessed Squamish change drastically in terms of growth and development. Yet somehow it has maintained its special small-town vibe. I remember a time when Squamish wasn't on the map and now we are a desirable travel destination and people are moving here from around the globe. As a local, this gives me a tremendous sense of pride. I love sharing our "not-so-little" town with new people. 

On a deeper connection
Liz: My family of four and two dogs loves all the things that people come to Squamish to do. We ski, snowmobile, white water paddleboard, white water raft, mountain bike, ride horses, and my partner and I both own businesses in town. When interested buyers come here in hopes of enjoying that lifestyle, I can provide them a very authentic vision of what that looks like, what it entails, and how to make it happen. As a local who loves the life and career I've built, I try to reveal to people what life is actually like beyond what they think they know about Squamish, by showing them a deeper level of connection with the land and community. 

On being a part of something special
Martha: In the past, many of my buyers were choosing resort real estate as a second home or vacation home and now many of my clients are choosing the Sea-to-Sky corridor for their primary residence. This shift has occurred because they see the lifestyle that is possible here and desire to live here full time; to be a part of this wonderful community and outdoor culture.

On community vibes
Shawn: I moved to Squamish in 2003 to build homes and to raise my family. It was a natural fit because I was a big mountain biker and I loved the water. Nearly two decades later, Squamish remains a wonderful place to live. It has retained its small-town feel with a strong sense of community. People are friendly and welcoming, and they say hi when you pass them on the street. 

On location, location, location
Liz: My partner and I met as ski patrollers on Whistler Mountain. When we were deciding on where to settle 15 years ago, we chose Squamish because of its proximity to the city. When choosing homes, I believe location comes first. This is true for my clients too. It is my job to get to know my clients in order to figure out what neighbourhood may suit them best. From there, we find a location and if the function of the house isn’t perfect, we make it perfect, and that will produce the happiest client. I have worked with lots of people who buy to renovate a house in a perfect location and end up literally building their dream home.

On a cherished lifestyle
Martha: I live and breathe what I sell. Real estate is as much as part of my life as is skiing and hiking in the mountains, and boating on Howe Sound with my family. I sell it because I love it and because I live it. I believe it's not just a home, it's a lifestyle. 

Thank you to rennie advisors Martha McLellan, Shawn Wentworth, Jeevan Gill, and Liz Kaiser

To learn more about our expansion to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor or to connect with a rennie advisor to start your real estate journey, email us at info@rennie.com. To see all Squamish listings, click here.

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