I am a First Time Homebuyer.  Even though my friends have bought and shared their stories with me, I did not anticipate the level of stress beforehand.  It was a Sellers Market and I had been casually visiting Open Houses to no avail.  It wasn’t until I met Erica, sat down with her for over an hour at the neighbourhood coffeeshop that I found out what I needed to do to get into my own place.  In this hot market, the process of searching for places to view, dealing with multiple offers and banks was so stressful to me, but I am so glad that Erica was representing and supporting me the whole time.  My close friends came as support on some of the showings, and they were so impressed with her service, that they stated they were going to use her for when they were ready to sell.  My mortgage broker even reached out to her to help him as well.  When others all around me recognized her abilities, then I knew I was in good hands. - Melanie P.