Carbon Monoxide detectors now mandatory in new homes: Vancouver

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless, poisonous gas, that is “absolutely undetectable without an alarm,” and that’s why new regulations are now in effect when it comes to building new homes in Vancouver.

Under amendments to Vancouver’s fire bylaw and effective immediately, carbon monoxide alarms will be mandatory in all new homes in the city.

“We’re the third jurisdiction in Canada to make CO alarms mandatory,” said Vancouver Fire Captain, Jonathan Gormick.

Gormick told Daily Hive that “almost all homes have some potential source of CO… and the safety margin with CO is almost zero.”

Just this year, he added, “there was a quadruple fatality in BC due to CO, and every year in Vancouver we have near-misses.”

The danger is further increased by the fact that exposure to the gas leads to confusion and lethargy, “which can frustrate someone’s ability to realize what is happening.”

Gormick added that there is “no good reason that any family should be at risk when the life-saving intervention is so readily available, effective, and inexpensive.”

Carbon monoxide sources can include things such as water heaters, fire places, furnaces, and cars in the garage.

 Article courtesy of Daily Hive