Working with Janette was a dream.

Working with Janette Fricker was a dream. In fact, my family began referring to
her as a miracle worker. She demonstrates a great passion for the interests
of her clients - a tenacity that is critical in achieving success in a
crowded, competitive marketplace. From day one, she listened to fears and
anxieties and concerns, coaching with both expertise and a positive
attitude. We examined options for selling the family home, including price
and dates and settled on a figure. Some doubted the decisions but Janette¹s
thorough research and knowledge of both the neighbourhood and the
marketplace made me comfortable. With her dedication to the cause, the
property sold in just three days - and well-above asking.

The more challenging time was to come: finding the perfect new home. I had
very specific requests: outdoor space within the city, significant square
footage, parking and more. They were not easy demands to meet and I was not
content to accept whatever came along. Janette helped me hugely by encouraging
patience and focus. While always positive, she remains realistic in her
endeavours. Knowing she was also not happy until the exact right match
appeared on the market helped me enjoy what could have been a torturous
process. During the search, sleep was certainly lost.
Buying and selling real estate is no cakewalk for me - but Janette showed me how
to enjoy the experience of it all. It actually became an adventure that
taught me much about the city I live in, the real estate market as a whole
and my own capacity for learning.

Rather speedily, the perfect match appeared - and Janette jumped into action.
With a number of other interests parties, Janette had to strategize a plan for
bidding. Again, owing to her experience and instinct, the price was right.

I feel as though I have gained not just a valuable ally but a friend. One
who knows that success may be the ultimate goal but that a little support
throughout the process is of utmost importance as well.