We are in our eighties now and, during our marriage, we have lived in a dozen places, in ten of which we were homeowners. That involved a lot of buying and selling of homes, and a great deal of involvement with real estate agents. Our last selling and buying took place in Vancouver over the past three months. Our agent was Mike Ross.
We have had many very good experiences with real estate agents over the years, but none like those we had with Mike. He was absolutely superb, and stood out as excellent far beyond any of the others. The condo we sold came on the market during a slump, but Mike succeeded in getting an excellent price for it. The condo we bought we had hoped to get for a good deal below the asking price, but Mike succeeded in getting it for considerably less than we anticipated. In all his dealings with us Mike went well beyond what professional norms would dictate, even to the extent of getting rid of some surplus and cluttering furniture we possessed. Throughout he was kind, professional, always timely with information and advice. We enjoyed working with him immensely.
Jeanette and Peter Schouls