10 of the Tallest Buildings in Vancouver

It’s no secret Vancouver’s skyline is outlined with tall buildings - but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these vertical city landmarks. Our real estate experts have rounded up the 10 tallest towers in Vancouver to share a few fun facts on each.

Living Shangri-La
Floors: 62
Height: 659 feet
Year Built: 2008
Fun Facts: The Shangri-La houses 5-star hotel and offices on the first 15 floors and condominiums in the rest of the tower. At 62 storeys, construction of the tower was no easy feat. It required 3.1 million man-hours of employment and at its peak, 1,000 workers were on site constructing 1 floor per week! In addition, it set Vancouver’s record for both the deepest excavation and height, previously set by One Wall Centre. Today, the Shangri-La is the tallest and one of the most prestigious buildings in the city.

Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver
Floors: 63
Height: 616 feet
Year Built: 2017
Fun Fact: The Trump Tower speaks luxury all the way, from its bathrooms encased in dark marble, to the well-known lavish rooftop nightclub, Drai’s. Comprising of both residences and hotel, the tower is currently under construction with completion scheduled in just a few months. The hotel is currently booking its first guests for November 1, 2016. The Trump Tower has seen controversy since its first release and has escalated since Donald Trump’s recent Campaign for Presidency in the United States, the most recent being an unsuccessful campaign to drop the Trump name in December 2015.

Telus Gardens
Floors: 47
Height: 548 feet
Year Built: 2016
Fun Fact: Partnering with Westbank, Telus Garden spans an entire city block on Georgia St between Seymour and Robson. Another mixed use tower, Telus garden incorporates residential, office, and retail space. The building is focused on environmental sustainability; its office component is built to a LEED Platinum standard, and the residential tower to LEED Gold.

The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia
Floors: 48
Height: 518 feet
Year Built: 2012
Fun Fact: Standing tall as one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia is a new addition adjacent to the historic hotel. The views of the North Shore, Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain are no mistake. The geometry of the building go beyond design aesthetic to provide premium views and shading for parts of the building by canting outward for the first 35 floors, then receding for the top 12 while balconies project outward.

Vancouver House
Floors: 49
Height: 493 feet
Year Built: Under Construction. Completed 2018.
Fun Fact: Vancouver House is more than just a tall tower – its design was meant to be a work of art. Currently under construction, Vancouver House is set to transform its neighbourhood by incorporating two major installations of public art underneath the Granville Street bridge: light boxes and a art-deco spinning chandelier. 

One Wall Centre
Floors: 48
Height: 491 feet
Year Built: 2001
Fun Fact: The first 27 storeys of the One Wall Centre comprises of ultra-lux, 4 Diamond Sheraton Hotel, while floors 28-30 are the Club Intrawest Resort, and floors 31 to 48 are residential condominiums. Although the tower is now one shade of glass, it wasn’t always that way. At the beginning, a concern of the City of Vancouver was that this tall tower would be obtrusive to the skyline, so it was designed with light glass windows to blend in with the blue sky. After the design was approved, an amendment was made to change the glass to a darker shade, and was approved by the City by someone who was not aware of the significance of the lighter shade. This change was only caught after construction began and the darker shade of glass was installed on the lower floors. That’s why, when the tower was originally built, it was two-toned – dark glass on the bottom, and light glass on the top. Over time, the light glass posed an issue for residents – its non-reflective nature was causing high air-conditioning bills and caused a fogging effect, which put its long term safety into question. The light glass was replaced with the same dark glass in 2013.

Shaw Tower
Floors: 41
Height: 489 feet
Year Built: 2004
Fun Fact: The Shaw Tower is a mixed use building with 16 storeys of offices at its base and topped with 24 storeys of luxury condominiums. It was the tallest building in Vancouver before the Shangri-La, and houses four of Western Canada’s top companies: Shaw, Ledcor Construction, Pattison Group, and Westbank Corporation. The tower stands out in the night sky for the signature green and blue strip of light, installed by Diana Thater, running all the way up the building.

Harbour Centre
Floors: 21
Height: 481 feet
Year Built: 1977
Fun Fact: Harbour Centre is one of the city’s most recognized buildings for its 360-degree Lookout Tower atop the building. The building itself is 21 floors in total; however, including the Lookout Tower, its true height is closer to 44. This Lookout Tower serves as a tourist attraction and was officially opened by Neil Armstrong in 1977.

MNP Tower
Floors: 36
Height: 469 feet
Year Built: 2015
Fun Fact: The MNP Tower is a modern office space located in Coal Harbour. This glass tower sits next to the historic Marine building, creating a juxtaposition of historical brick and modern glass facades. Standing effortlessly in Vancouver’s skyline, its construction was technically challenging. It required the preservation of the heritage façade of the University Club at ground level, installing curved and shingled glass, plus multiple renovations to surrounding buildings, all on a tight and busy site.

Royal Centre
Floors: 37
Height: 463 feet
Year Built: 1973
Fun Fact: The Royal Centre is an office tower, and is often known better as the RBC Tower for the bank occupying a large space. While it houses 37 floors of office space, what’s underground is equally impressive. Under the Royal Centre lives a food court, retail shops, and even a yoga studio. It’s incredibly accessible with a direct connection to the Burrard SkyTrain station.

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