The 9 Highest Valued Streets in Metro Vancouver
Vancouver has an international reputation for breathtaking scenery, an enviable coastal lifestyle, and housing market prices to match. Here’s a look at nine of the most luxurious streets with the highest-valued properties among all of Metro Vancouver’s real estate, for planning your next major purchase or your next afternoon walk. 

Point Grey Road, Kitsilano
Point Grey Road is the city’s most exclusive street. This stretch of idyllic Kitsilano waterfront is accessible almost exclusively by a private road, making it the perfect low-traffic route for walking or riding a bike. With a unique mix of beachy craftsman-style homes and modern architectural masterpieces that showcase unobstructed views of the Vancouver skyline, it’s no wonder that Point Grey Road is where you’ll find the province’s highest valued home

Most of these residences are hidden behind tall gates and hedges for maximum privacy, so if you’re looking for a better view, rent a paddleboard or a kayak to admire these magnificent homes from the water.

Belmont Avenue, Point Grey
Follow the gentle curve of Drummond Drive until you reach Belmont Avenue, which is famed for its secluded estates that have some of the highest property values in BC. With immaculate hedges, sprawling lawns often inspired by the gardens of legendary European palaces, and sweeping views of the city, it’s no wonder that six of the ten most expensive homes in the Vancouver Region are located on this one block. If you tire of your typical Locarno Beach walk, stroll up Belmont and see if you can catch a glimpse of these illustrious Revivalist homes from behind their gates. 

Marine Drive NW, Point Grey
Situated on the hill connecting Point Grey with the Endowment Lands, these property values ascend with the incline of the street. Many of the tall, modern homes that are perched atop the slope are complete with rooftop patios to take in a panoramic view of the ocean and mountain ranges. On a warm summer evening, take in the sunset as you drive up NW Marine all the way to UBC. Complete your journey with an ice cream cone from Rain or Shine’s newest location.

The Crescent, Shaughnessy
In the middle of First Shaughnessy’s winding constellation of peaceful tree-lined streets, you’ll find the Crescent, a circular park surrounded by old-world estates, many of which were built more than a century ago. Pack a picnic or bring your dog for a run around the park so that you can spend some time looking at these iconic heritage homes. 

Osler Street, Shaughnessy
With its picturesque homes and manicured gardens, the First Shaughnessy neighbourhood makes for a perfect evening walk. Stemming off of the Crescent, Osler Street, in particular, is known for its elegant Tudor architecture and rich Vancouver heritage. Take in the tranquil atmosphere and get lost in a daydream as you imagine the history of these magnificent estates. Conclude your exploration with a trip to Dragon Ball Tea House, a local’s favourite cash-only spot for bubble tea. 


Radcliffe Avenue, West Vancouver
On the other side of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, you’ll find a style of architecture with a distinctly West Coast sensibility. Clean, modern lines made of materials like cedar, oak, and stone juxtapose the wild nature of the West Coast to create something that feels simultaneously modern and natural. On your way to Lighthouse Park, take a slight detour off of Marine Drive to admire the gorgeous homes along Radcliffe Avenue. With unobstructed views of the ocean, these homes are some of the most sought-after in West Vancouver. 

Marlowe Place, Chartwell, West Vancouver
Carved out of the Cypress Mountain hillside, the homes on the exclusive Marlowe Place boast panoramic views of the Vancouver skyline. With only a short drive to Hollyburn Country Club, Capilano Golf Club, and the ski hill, Marlowe Place residents have no shortage of options when it comes to how they spend their leisure time. A brief walk down the hill will take you to the British Properties viewpoint, an ideal destination for quiet reflection as you observe the city from afar. 

Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver
Bellevue Avenue traces the winding West Vancouver coastline to offer stunning views of the water. On a clear day, a Bellevue Avenue infinity pool will appear to blend into the Pacific Ocean in a way that will make it feel like you can swim all the way to Vancouver Island…or Bowen at the very least. Park your car and walk over to the Beach House, a recently-renovated local restaurant famed for its striped umbrellas, charming ocean-front patio, and fresh seafood.

Newton Wynd, University Endowment Lands
Don’t let the UBC address deceive you, the homes in the University Endowment Lands are a far cry from student housing. These impressive estates feature immaculately groomed lawns and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to see all the way up Howe Sound. Newton Wynd possesses a unique mix of modern masterpieces and retro bungalows with a glamorous, nostalgic feel. Road cyclists are sure to be rewarded for completing the steep grind up from the beach with an opportunity to take in the views from the top of this beautiful street. 

Whether you are looking to make your next move to one of the city’s most coveted streets or simply in search of your next walking route, these nine Metro Vancouver streets are sure to inspire.

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