Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Months

With record breaking temperatures forecasted this summer,  we are always looking for ways to keep cool. We did a quick survey around the office and our team had some really unique ideas to help beat the heat! Here are a few of our favourite tips:  

Turn Off the Lights

Lights generate plenty of heat so try to avoid using lights, especially in the daytime when there’s plenty of natural light. You’ll save a few bucks too. Credit: Greige Design  

Keep Doors Open

Keeping doors open allows airflow to move around the house naturally, especially during the night hours. Closing off the doors can prevent air from moving to different rooms. Credit: Unsplash  

Set Your Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter Clockwise

Yes, really. Your ceiling fan should be set for the season. A ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise at a high speed moves the breeze around for the summer months. A fan moving clockwise at a low speed distributes heat in the winter. If you can’t find the clockwise or counterclockwise setting, try climbing up by the base of the fan and look for a small button or switch that sets the fan to run in the opposite direction.  

Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Closed

According to Family Handyman, up to 30% of heat can come in through your windows. Closing the blinds and curtains can help keep the heat out, and prevents your home from turning into a mini-greenhouse. Credit: Unsplash  

Keep Your Body Cool

Fill a spray bottle with water and store it in the fridge. A quick little spritz above your head can give you a quick refresh during those dog days of summer, and is a really easy way to help lower your body temperature. A quick, cold shower can instantly lower your body temperature and get you moving again. It can also be incredibly energizing if you are feeling sluggish.  

Invest in an Air Conditioner!

When all else fails and you simply just can’t beat the heat, these portable units from Costco are worth the investment. They can significantly cool your home on those hot days in mere hours. Credit: Costco