Public Elementary Schools in Vancouver

When young families with kids are searching for a new home to better fit their changing lives, local schools are often top of the list when differentiating between neighbourhoods. Some areas may have convenient amenities, some may have vast green space, while others may be very well connected to the surrounding parts of the city. All of these attributes are important to family life, but for young families, which school's catchment area your new home falls within tend to be a top consideration. Here we take you through the top public elementary schools in Vancouver as ranked by the Fraser Institute.

While we acknowledge that the Fraser Institute’s criteria for top schools are limited, it is nonetheless a good place to begin when considering neighbourhoods to live in and schools to attend.

Maple Grove
Location: 6199 Cypress St.
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2018-19 Rank: 76/931

In addition to acting as a traditional public elementary school, Maple Grove Elementary (since 2004) offers Montessori educations as a choice program. Built in 1924 and having undergone numerous renovations, Maple Grove is home 485 students and 50 staff members. Learning here has a focus on student leadership, technology and academic success. With a highly involved Parent Advisory Council (or PAC), Maple Grove is led by staff and parents who care and share ‘generously’.

Location: 3525 Dumfries St.
Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
2018-19 Rank: 76/931

Tyee Elementary offers a supportive Montessori education with roughly 200 students who are best described as eager, enthusiastic, communicative, artistic and independent. Currently ranked as Vancouver’s top elementary school, Tyee accepts Vancouver School District Children through a lottery system.  Students of Tyee (with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 7) work in multi-age classrooms, with focus on sustainable living, food production, healthy lifestyles, entrepreneurship, active living and more.

Dr. Annie B Jamieson
Location: 6350 Tisdall St.
Neighbourhood: Oakridge
2018-19 Rank: 109/931

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary is one of the most diverse educational institutions in Vancouver, with 16 languages spoken by families in the school's community. With a curriculum designed around respect for self, others, and our community the school also offers the largest orchestral Strings Program in the city as well as the only intermediate Mandarin Bilingual Program in the district. Music is a large part of the school's extracurricular offerings, such as choir and solo instrument instruction along with cooking, science, athletics, and art.

Location: 5300 Maple St.
2018-19 Rank: 140/931

Offering English and French Immersion programs, Quilchena Elementary School welcomes approximately 300 learners in grades K through seven. Providing rich and varied programs through all grades, students benefit from dedicated staff who look to develop socially responsible self-confident independent learners who can work together responsibly with mutual respect and cooperation. 

Lord Kitchener
Location: 4055 Blenheim St.
2018-19 Rank: 149/931

A school committed to supporting engaged learners in a caring and inclusive environment, Lord Kitchener welcomes learners of all types. Working to develop ‘citizens of the global community’, this school values the development of cognitive, academic, creative, emotional and physical competencies. Beyond solely an academic focus, Lord Kitchener BLAH basketball, cross country, track & field, and volleyball.

Dr. R E McKechnie
Location: 7455 Maple St.
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2018-19 Rank: 174/931

Opened in 1957, Dr R E McKechnie Elementary School's culture is built on respect for people, safety, and the environment. The community at the school provides a nurturing environment where children can feel safe to engage in active learning. Parents are urged to become involved to some degree to promote school values and the school's community. Technology is utilized across academic areas and the school too has a goal in place to increase knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of Aboriginal cultures.

Sir Matthew Begbie
Location: 1430 Lillooet St.
2018-19 Rank: 174/931

Located at 1430 Lilooet Street for nearly a century, Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary School was built in 1922. Offering diverse learning opportunities including Fine Arts, Montessori learning, Mandarin Bilingual programs, and French Immersion. Consisting of 14 divisions from K to Grade 7, Matthew Begbie has a significant ELL population and welcomes approximately 308 students. While offering sports like volleyball and badminton, the schools also offers unique opportunities like Growing Chefs and Morning Announcers.

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
Location: 6901 Elliott St.
2018-19 Rank: 188/931

Located in south-east Vancouver and originally built in 1955, Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith Elementary was named after a famous Australian pilot. Welcoming approximately 263 students, who, along with academic endeavours, participate in physical education, music and the arts, the school is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school. Boasting a strong sense of community, Kingsford-Smith has an active PAC instrumental in fundraising along with supporting and initiating many school events.

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