Top Public Elementary Schools in Vancouver

When young families are searching for a new home to better fit their changing lives, local schools are often top of the list when differentiating between neighbourhoods. Some areas may have convenient amenities, some may have vast green space, while others may be very well connected to the surrounding parts of the city. All of these attributes are important to family life, but for young families, which school's catchment area your new home falls within tend to be a top consideration. Here we take you through the top public schools in Vancouver as ranked by the Fraser Institute.

Location: 3525 Dumfries Street
Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
2017-18 Rank:  66/955

Tyee Elementary offers a supportive Montessori education with roughly 200 students who are best described as eager, enthusiastic, communicative, artistic and independent. Currently ranked as Vancouver’s top elementary school, Tyee accepts Vancouver School District Children through a lottery system.  Students of Tyee (with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 7) work in multi-age classrooms, with focus on sustainable living, food production, healthy lifestyles, entrepreneurship, active living and more.

Dr R E McKechnie 
Location: 7455 Maple Street
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2017-18 Rank: 95/955

Opened in 1957, Dr R E McKechnie Elementary School's culture is built on respect for people, safety, and the environment. The community at the school provides a nurturing environment where children can feel safe to engage in active learning. Parents are urged to become involved to some degree to promote school values and the school's community. Technology is utilized across academic areas and the school too has a goal in place to increase knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of Aboriginal cultures.

Maple Grove
Location: 6199 Cypress Street
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2017-18 Rank: 122/955

In addition to acting as a traditional public elementary school, Maple Grove Elementary (since 2004) offers Montessori educations as a choice program. Built in 1924 and having undergone numerous renovations, Maple Grove is home 485 students and 50 staff members. Learning here has a focus on student leadership, technology and academic success. With a highly involved Parent Advisory Council (or PAC), Maple Grove is led by staff and parents who care and share ‘generously’.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Location: 7350 Laurel Street
Neighbourhood: Marpole
2017-18 Rank: 134/955

Aiming to foster a community of learners who develop a caring and supportive environment, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary, is home to 310 students of varying socio-economic backgrounds.  Through funding from the PAC, activities like performing arts, tennis and dance lessons are possible. 70% of the students here have a first language other than English providing a welcomed culturally diverse environment. In addition to academic success, staff members strive to further enhance social skills and physical well being.

Dr Annie B Jamieson
Location: 6350 Tisdall Street
Neighbourhood: Oakridge
2015-16 Rank: 143/955

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary is one of the most diverse educational institutions in Vancouver, with 16 languages spoken by families in the school's community. With a curriculum designed around respect for self, others, and our community the school also offers the largest orchestral Strings Program in the city as well as the only intermediate Mandarin Bilingual Program in the district. Music is a large part of the school's extracurricular offerings, such as choir and solo instrument instruction along with cooking, science, athletics, and art.

L'Ecole Bilingue
Location: 1166 14th Avenue W
Neighbourhood: South Granville
2017-18 Rank:  143/955

As a single track French Immersion school, only French Immersion is available at L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary. 500 plus students enjoy a new schools (which was rebuilt for seismic upgrades in 2017).  The new schools provides students with state of the art technology with focus on the core elements of the BC curriculum. Of most focus are creative and critical thinking, positive personal and cultural identity, social responsibility and communication.  Beyond academics students enjoy sports like cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and field, the arts, and experience a variety of trips and excursions.

Location: 42250 Marguerite Street
Neighborhood: Shaughnessy
2017-18 Rank:  179/955

This fall, Shaughnessy Elementary will celebrate its 100th anniversary. While the buildings exterior pays homage to its lengthy history, the school’s interior has been completely renovated.  The students, from various cultural backgrounds represents 17 different home languages. The school’s mission statement include committing to providing a safe, respectful learning environment where students are challenged academically and are encouraged to be responsible learners and productive global citizens. And, according to district data, students here meet or exceed the expectations in all major subject matters.

Norma Rose Point
Location: 5488 Ortona Road
Neighbourhood: University Endowment Lands
2017-18 Rank: 170/955

Located on Musqueam land within the University Endowment Lands, Norma Rose Point Elementary named for Musqueam Elder Ms Norma Rose (affectionately known as 'Rose Point') whose lifelong contributions to First-Nations education have seen the first pre-school ever opened on a Reservation. The school, officially opening in 2014, commits to the development of inquisitive, knowledgeable, caring, and responsible citizens who, through intercultural awareness, understanding, and respect will help in the creation of a peaceful and sustainable future.

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