Top Public Elementary Schools in Vancouver

When young families are searching for a new home to better fit their changing lives, local schools are often top of the list when differentiating between neighbourhoods. Some areas may have convenient amenities, some may have vast green space, while others may be very well connected to the surrounding parts of the city. All of these attributes are important to family life, but arguably none compare when it comes to which school's catchment area your new home falls within. Here we take you through the top public schools in Vancouver as ranked by the Fraser Institute.

Dr Annie B Jamieson
Location: 6350 Tisdall Street
Neighbourhood: Oakridge
2015-16 Rank: 99/956

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary is one of the most diverse educational institutions in Vancouver, with 16 languages spoken by families in the school's community. With a curriculum designed around respect for self, others, and our community the school also offers the largest orchestral Strings Program in the city as well as the only intermediate Mandarin Bilingual Program in the district. Music is a large part of the school's extracurricular offerings, such as Choir and solo instrument instruction along with cooking, science, athletics, and art.

Location: 5555 Carnarvon Street
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2015-16 Rank: 131/956

The top ranking dual track elementary school in the city, Kerrisdale Elementary offers both English and French immersion from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The school's faculty carry diverse talents and experiences used to deliver within academics, aesthetics, and physical excellence school-wide. Kerrisdale elementary strives to instil a sense of purpose and direction in their students and support them towards their full potential.

Graham Bruce

Location: 3633 Tanner Street
Neighbourhood: Renfrew-Collingwood
2015-16 Rank: 131/956

A high-ranking newcomer to the list, Graham Bruce elementary centres their curriculum on academic learning, physical education, and social responsibility. With technology used throughout the educational process at Graham Bruce, the school also features the Graham Bruce Peace Gardens where students learn about Aboriginal cultures and Medicine wheels. Community, the arts, and readying students for our ever-changing society are the ideals entrenched in the school's mission.

Dr R E McKechnie

Location: 7455 Maple Street
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2015-16 Rank: 163/956

Opened in 1957, Dr R.E. McKechnie Elementary School's culture is built on respect for people, safety, and the environment. The community at the school provides a nurturing environment where children can feel safe to engage in active learning. Parents are urged to become involved to some degree to promote school values and the school's community. Technology is utilized across academic areas and the school too has a goal in place to increase knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of Aboriginal cultures.

Jules Quesnel

Location: 3050 Crown Street
Neighbourhood: West Point Grey
2015-16 Rank: 163/956

École Jules Quesnel is the highest ranking fully-fledged French immersion elementary school in the city, Jules Quesnel is committed to supporting engaged learning while fostering a caring and inclusive community. Residing on unceded Indigenous land, the school's building was once a wing of Lord Byng Secondary before becoming its own community in 1978. The school aims to provide a solid foundation of academic challenges and real-life experience and believes a student graduating from Jules Quesnel should do so with a strong foundation in reading and writing in both official languages.

Sir John Franklin

Location: 250S Skeena Street
Neighbourhood: Hastings-Sunrise
2015-16 Rank: 163/956

Nestled within a diverse, stable and long established neighbourhood community, Sir John Franklin Elementary School was established in 1911. Students of Sir John Franklin learn how to make friends, to be kind, to try hard, and to enjoy playing, working, and self-expression in creative ways. The older grades at the school collectively celebrate one another's strengths, as all students move from a Fifth Grade English curriculum into an intensive French immersion curriculum for Sixth and Seventh Grades. The school partners with local parents within the neighbourhood to further foster a strong sense of community.

Sir William Osler

Location: 5970 Selkirk Street
Neighbourhood: Oakridge
2015-16 Rank: 182/956

One of the city's schools in high-demand of cross-border placements, one-third of Sir William Osler Elementary students have been from outside of the school's catchment area for the last six years. Situated West 43rd and West 45th Avenue, the school shares beautiful Montgomery Park with the local community. Osler's vision is one of student excellence and achievement via critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and inquiry. The school also strives to provide an inclusive and integrated environment for students with special needs within their community.

Norma Rose Point

Location: 5488 Ortona Road
Neighbourhood: University Endowment Lands
2015-16 Rank: 192/956

Located on Musqueam land within the University Endowment Lands, Norma Rose Point School named for Musqueam Elder Ms Norma Rose (affectionately known as 'Rose Point') whose lifelong contributions to First-Nations education have seen the first pre-school ever opened on a Reservation. The school, officially opening in 2014, commits to the development of inquisitive, knowledgeable, caring, and responsible citizens who, through intercultural awareness, understanding, and respect will help in the creation of a peaceful and sustainable future.

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