rennie team tuesday - Bilia Minelli

Meet Bilia, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 13 fun things about Bilia including what led her to a career in real estate, her favourite outdoor space, and the the most memorable concert she has attended.

What led to a career in real estate?
I was already a mortgage broker and it seemed fitting to add real estate to my career as I've always had an attraction and curiosity towards how a home was designed and built.  

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
As odd as this may sound, I love to organize and clean. Because of that, staging is also something that I love to do. I do it everyday in my own home by making it look different each season. I hope to bring this quality and skill to my future clients. 

A song you can sing word for word?
Hotel California by the I am aging myself. 

An underrated restaurant in the city?
Pear Tree in North Burnaby or my mom's kitchen.

Is there something you like to collect?
I collect coffee cups and I have over 30. 

Best outdoor space in the city?
I love to sit on the bench at Como Lake and just watch the little's peaceful. 

A personal mantra you live by?
If you work hard you can do anything.

Current TV show?
I watch Selling New York quite often and my favourite Realtor is Fredrick. 

A stand-out travel memory?
My first cruise to the Bahamas at the age of 25 when I was engaged.

Most memorable concert attended?
Sade was amazing, she even beats out Santana who is also a legend. 

A charity you feel passionate about?
Any charity that feeds hungry children. 

Most memorable job prior to real estate?
I was a CDA certified dental assistant for 23 years and worked at the Nova Scotia Tower for ten of those years. I met some amazing dentists and made some life-long friends. 

One improvement you'd like to see this city make?
I would love to see improvements to Second Narrows and Lions Gate bridge as I dislike driving into North Vancouver. 

Thank you, Bilia. Welcome to #teamrennie

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