rennie team tuesday - Brandon Blue

Meet Brandon Blue, a new member of our growing Advisor team.

What inspired you to join rennie?
The culture. Everyone seemed to be thrilled with the brokerage, and its reputation was second to none. I had previously worked at a brokerage in Montreal where Realtors within the office were suing each other. It was really important for me to be at a brokerage where I feel inspired by my co-workers and be in a positive constructive environment. 

What got you into the real estate industry?

I first got licensed as a Realtor in Quebec at the age of 19. At that time, I loved sales and the adrenaline of negotiating and closing a deal. While I always stayed in the market as an investor, I decided to get my Realtor's license back to try and help those around me. It's amazing to be a part of a positive change in a person's life, and be able to share in that excitement of purchasing a home. 

Who is your biggest industry idol and why?
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I find Bob Rennie's story really inspiring. His drive, knowledge, and work ethic is something we can all look up to.

What do you most look forward to about coming into the rennie office?
Friendly co-workers, the coffee machine, and the never ending supply of baked goods. I also really love the Gastown, Chinatown, and Downtown Eastside area, there's always something exciting happening. 

What defines great client service?
Great client service is defined by knowledge, empathy, understanding, and time. I subscribe to the method of spending more quality time helping a client rather than taking more on my plate. 

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
Most people are aware of my background in policing. However, I had an embarrassing acting career in my early 20s. I also worked as a VP of Sales and Marketing for Gene Simmons' "Money Bag" line. That was a great experience and I really racked up a lot of air miles and sales experience. 

What is the coolest design feature you have seen in a home?
I'm a sucker for secret things and I've seen a few bookshelves that open into hidden offices. To see a car elevator in action is pretty cool too. 

What’s the most memorable place you have travelled to?
My wife and I travelled to India and backpacked around the country for three weeks. It was an amazing life-changing trip which further made me appreciate all the opportunities we have here in Canada. 

Thank you, Brandon. Welcome to #teamrennie!
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