rennie team tuesday - Cherie Carpenter

Meet Cherie, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 13 fun things about Cherie including what led her to a career in real estate, her favourite travel experience, and her recommended location to visit in Vancouver.

What inspired you to join rennie
I have always appreciated and admired the marketing and intelligence data that rennie provides. Having a reputation for being an industry leader, the support and camaraderie amongst the team at rennie has been nothing short of fantastic. I feel as if I have joined a great group of experienced professionals.

What led you into the real estate industry
I've always had a passion for homes and interiors! Once my son was in university, I needed to occupy myself and my excitement for hotels and business travel had expired. Working for myself and learning a new skill set has been challenging, but overall it was a great decision. 
What’s one thing most people don’t know about you
That I am shy! People always disagree with me as they see me as an extrovert, but I am happy working on my own, puzzling over answers, and keeping myself busy.
Song you can sing word for word
Boots or Hearts by The Tragically Hip, and many more.

What brings you the most joy
Having a cold drink and dinner while socializing with friends and family. This is my favourite thing to splurge on.
Best outdoor space in the city 
Anchoring off of Kitsilano Beach because you can swim, picnic and never have to fight for a parking spot. Also, it overlooks the best views of our city; the North Shore Mountains, English Bay to Howe Sound, The West End, the Bridges, Stanley Park and all of the harbour activities.
A personal mantra to live by
You can't take it with you.
Your industry idol
My husband Bruce, he is the most knowledgeable partner in all areas of life including real estate.
A movie you would highly recommend
Shawshank Redemption because it deals with injustice, perseverance and ultimately redemption.
A stand-out travel memory 
While in Palawan, Philippines we hired a boat tour and spent the day discovering the most pristine waters, unspoiled beaches, and private caves with no one around. It was truly spectacular, an absolute must see.
A charity you feel passionate about
Any charity to find a cure for cancer.
Most memorable job prior to real estate
I was Director of Sales at the Pan Pacific hotel.
A home project you'd like to tackle
I'd love to learn to tile, but will settle with cleaning out closets and purging stuff we don't need!

Thank you Cherie. Welcome to #teamrennie

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