rennie team tuesday - Christina Prevedoros

Meet Christina, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 14 fun things about Christina including her personal mantra, her current read, and a charity she is passionate about.

What inspired you to join rennie?
I joined rennie because of its incredibly collaborative nature. The resources provided to the advisors are unparalleled amongst other brokerages. We have a full-service marketing team and a rennie intelligence team with a Senior Economist providing us with up-to-date market insights that we can relay to our own clients. In a relatively competitive industry, I constantly feel so welcomed and supported and couldn't be happier with my choice in joining rennie. 

What led to a career in real estate?
I got into real estate because of my passion for people and helping them achieve their home goals. With ten years of customer service and hospitality experience behind me, I am inspired by the many new challenges I am faced with in the real estate world and look forward to guiding my clients through them with a service-focused approach.  

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I used to compete in Dance Dance Revolution.

A song you can sing word for word?
Truth Hurts by Lizzo.

An underrated restaurant in the city?
Sandbar (patio only) at Granville Island. I know it's not totally underrated but I still don't think it gets the credit it deserves. 

Your favourite thing to splurge on?
If there's grilled octopus on the menu, I'm getting it. I don't care what it costs. 

Best outdoor space in the city?
The Yaletown seawall has got to be up there. It's perfect for early morning walks with coffee, sitting alongside David Lam Park for picnics during the summer months, and evening strolls around Science World (my favourite).

A personal mantra you live by?
Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

Current bedside book?
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

A stand-out travel memory?
Backpacking with a few close friends after graduating through Southeast Asia and Australia for six months. Particularly our stop at Byron Bay, which was intended for a 24-hour turn-around spot, ended up being our home for over a month and a place that will always remain the most special to me. 

Most memorable concert attended?
The original Pemberton Music Festival in 2008. Headliners were Coldplay, Tom Petty, Jay-Z, and the Tragically Hip. More recently was Dermot Kennedy playing at the Commodore Ballroom.

A charity you feel passionate about?
A few friends of mine created a mentorship program for self-identified teen girls called Girlvana Yoga. It supports them through meditation, connection, honest conversation, and of course, yoga. I think it is important for young girls to have a safe space to be themselves and to have someone help them navigate through those tough years. In the world of social media, it is now more important than ever to practice self-love and to foster positive relationships. Bonus, being a part of Girlvana Yoga keeps me in tune with what's cool with the youths.

Most memorable job prior to real estate?
Working for lululemon was a great experience in many ways. I was immersed in Vancouver's thriving health and wellness community, met some of the most important people in my life, and ended up with more pairs of yoga pants than I care to admit. lululemon encouraged me to be vulnerable and taught me the importance of setting goals, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in real estate. 

One improvement you'd like to see this city make?
More ride-share companies such as Uber or Lyft. I know we're getting closer and I can't wait to see the positive impact it has on this city! 

Thank you, Christina. Welcome to #teamrennie

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