rennie team tuesday - Harp Sohal

Meet Harp, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 13 fun things about Harp including what inspired him to join rennie, the song he can sing word for word, and his favourite travel destination.

What inspired you to join rennie?
During my coursework and exam preparation, I connected with many local Realtors to learn more about the real estate industry and market, as well as the various career paths within the industry itself. It was through this research that I learned about rennie. As a brokerage, rennie holds ethics and professionalism at a high standard, yet maintains a family feel. It also encompasses many experienced and reputable Realtors. Given I am early in my career, working with an elite group of Realtors will help develop my skill set and increase my level of expertise.

Moreover, I have well established contacts and relationships throughout the Lower Mainland and the rennie brand will help leverage these relationships to maximize business opportunities and growth. Ultimately, I am excited about the cohesive team and workplace culture at rennie and look forward to working in this environment. 

What led to a career in real estate?
I have been interested in the real estate market for quite some time because I enjoy connecting with people. This led me to pursue my licence this summer spurred by a motivational push and support from my close friends and family. After obtaining my licence, I quickly learned that rennie was the best fit for my learning objectives and career growth. 

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. My goal was to pursue my passion and dream of traveling and performing as an international DJ/Producer in the Indian market of music and entertainment. I've since figured that one out. 

A song you can sing word for word?
Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley and his other golden classics. Also, Wonderwall by Oasis.  

An underrated restaurant in the city?
C-Lovers Fish & Chips in Langley. 

Your favourite thing to splurge on?

Something you collect?
All the FIFA games on Playstation. I have them all, from FIFA 1999 to FIFA 2020.

Your go to after work spot?
Cactus Club in Langley or South Surrey.

A personal mantra you live by?
What goes around, comes around. 

Current bedside read?
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Your favourite travel destination?
I like visiting England to reconnect with my roots, watch the footy games live, get fish & chips, and eat donair kebab for dinners. 

Most memorable concert?
Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z in Seattle.

One improvement you'd like to see our city make?
The fast lane should be used only to pass vehicles, not to drive in casually.

Thank you, Harp. Welcome to #teamrennie

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