rennie team tuesday - Maria Peters

Meet Maria, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 10 fun things about Maria including what led her to a passionate career in real estate, her favourite travel memory, and someone I admire.

What led you to a career in the real estate industry
My commitment and passion for specializing in local real estate. Additionally, my family and friends insisting that I should be in real estate since I was helping all of them buy and sell their homes.

A song you can sing word for word
Faith by George Michael.

What brings you the most joy
Spending time with my amazing partner.

Your favourite thing to splurge on
I would have to say liquor... I love the energy of people coming together and making cocktails.

A personal mantra to live by
"Always leave someone in better shape than you found them."

Someone you look up to
I admire J.K. Rowling because she has accomplished something incredible given her circumstances, while remaining extremely humble and philanthropic.

A movie you would highly recommend
I recently rewatched The Graduate. It's such a classic and I love the simplicity of the time that it represents - you go to school and then the whole world is ready and waiting for you.

A stand-out travel memory
Vietnam because it's probably the most 'different' travel I've ever done. I'm more of a boutique hotel, boutique locations type of girl! 

Most memorable job prior to real estate
I was a Designer for Westbeach. I travelled for fashion shows, checked out clothing factories and attended many meetings globally.

A decompression method for stress
Mostly yoga, I also play guitar and paint. I can easily get lost in any of these activities!

Thank you Maria. Welcome to #teamrennie

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