rennie team tuesday - Michael Miller

Meet Michael, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 14 fun things about Michael including what led him to a passionate career in real estate, his favourite travel memory, and a collection he is proud of. 

What inspired you to join rennie
I come from both a sales and fine arts background having worked at Apple and other local design companies as an account manager while developing my practice as a visual artist. I also provided art consulting which included selling and placing works from other local artists in private and public collections.

Becoming a real estate advisor interests me because just like the art world, I will have the opportunity to connect with clients from all walks of life, and different work industries. I am always seeking that type of cultural exchange. We have the privilege of sharing an extremely personal element of a client's life, which is their home and unique way of living. I find this personal connection and insight fascinating and I'll love being able to engage with each client's different perspective. This is what truly guided me towards the real estate industry. I was surprised I had not considered transitioning into the real estate industry earlier as it would provide the opportunity to be in charge of my own success, while also being part of a collaborative community.

What led you to a career in the real estate industry
The high level of detail, design, community and embrace of culture at rennie is unmatched. This was extremely apparent after meeting with a number of brokerages while I was completing my license. These specific qualities in a company are very important to me on a personal level. rennie just has that extra quality; I felt like I was being invited into a new family.

Song you can sing word for word
As a 90s kid, any Spice Girls, Aqua, or Ace of Base song. I would like to blame my older sister for blasting their songs on her boombox growing up, but everyone knew I loved them too. I have no shame.

What brings you the most joy
My absolute number one thing that brings me the most joy is my family. Spending time with my family recharges my energy. We are loud, passionate, hilarious (at least I would say so!), and loving.  Probably the single biggest reason why the pandemic has been so challenging is the fact that we cannot all get together like we used to. However, it is a small price to pay for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Your favourite thing to splurge on
I love finding unique and interesting restaurants that offer a well crafted and thoughtful tasting menu. You get to try a variety of new things and experience a chef’s specific culinary language.

A collection you've amassed
I have a collection of classic, vintage, video game consoles and original game cartridges. From the iconic NES, SNES, PS1, and beyond. A significant portion of my early childhood social relationships was mediated by technology such as video games. Family time commonly included being mesmerized watching my Dad beat Super Mario Bros and battling my brother and sister in Mario Kart. The interactive tropes and digital imagery found within video games greatly influence my aesthetic eye and art practice. Despite the common negative connotation of being low media, there is significant and meaningful content found within the video game industry and its history.

A charity you feel passionate about
A nice segue into a charity organization I am passionate about which also shows the positive value of the video game industry is Awesome Games Done Quick. AGDQ is an organization that hosts a biennial event that showcases video game speedrunners and other related video game content. Speedrunning for those who may not know is the fastest way to complete a game either through normal gameplay or manipulating game-breaking glitches. AGDQ is streamed live on Twitch and viewers donate to support the charity they sponsor. The main charities they sponsor are Doctors without Borders, Prevent Cancer Foundation and Save the children foundation. They commonly raise over 2 to 3.5 million dollars per event and donate 100% of these funds to the sponsored charity. It is incredible what a generation of gamers are able to do when they unite for a great cause and a shared passion.

Best outdoor space in the city
Laying on a blanket in the grass on a sunny day with my man is beyond relaxing at Jericho Beach Park.

A personal mantra
"Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react." Reminds me that we are always in control of how we handle a situation and that there is always a solution.

A movie you would highly recommend
The Fifth Element is an absolute 90s classic. The art direction, set design, and fantasy captured me when I first saw the film at 8 years old. Looking back, the film definitely inspired me to break conventions and embrace the unusual when I think about aesthetics, design, and spaces.

A stand-out travel memory
Hawaii or Japan. Hawaii is one of the few places I have been able to completely free my mind and live in the moment. So far I have been to all the major islands, but Maui is my favourite because of memories with my family. Nothing beats catching waves and ending your day with ahi poké on lime chips and a mai tai!

Japan because it has had such a cultural impact on my life since I was young and I find the people and language absolutely beautiful. I was lucky to be able to visit Tokyo, and the city of Kushiro in Hokkaido when I was chosen to represent Canada at the World Summit Festival many years ago which focused on land conservation. Burnaby, where I lived at the time, was the sister city of Kushiro.

Most memorable job prior to real estate
My art practice and art consulting greatly elevated my understanding of the world, human expression, and culture. I was able to build a wonderful network of creative people and it taught me what it means to hustle and make things happen.

A home project you'd like to tackle?
I am actually in the beginning stages of purchasing my own first home with my partner so I am definitely looking forward to having that first milestone and curating our new space to make it our own. A home gym and my home office are top of the list for projects to complete as soon as we find our dream home.

A decompression method for stress
If it is in the morning, throwing on some earbuds and heading outside for an intense jog listening to music. It helps me organize my thoughts and often leads to new ideas. In the evening, a perfectly shaken cocktail with an authentic maraschino cherry as a garnish. Or an intense workout... or both! The cocktail following the workout of course.

Ask me for my newly created cocktail recipe I call "Breakfast in Paris". It is everything you need from a cocktail -- Bourbon forward with notes of almond, maraschino cherry, and lemon!

Thank you, Michael. Welcome to #teamrennie

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