rennie team tuesday - Natalie Genest

Meet Natalie Genest, Advisor at rennie. 

Why do you work with rennie? The corporate culture and the people. The environment at rennie is one of select, like-minded agents committed to their businesses and passionate about the industry. We have the opportunity to have a resale business and work with some of the most influential developers in our city. The combination provides incredible value to our clients.

What makes you passionate about real estate?
There are so many facets to this industry, and it is constantly evolving. There is always something to new to learn. Connecting with my clients and building relationships within the industry has been extremely fulfilling.

What do you value most in your friends?
Big dreamers, straight shooters, kind souls.

What do you value the most in your colleagues?
They are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. I have huge respect for their hustle.

Name one or two of your favourite hidden gems.
Lemonade Bakery on Cambie is my go-to for gluten-free treats. The Grosvenor Ambleside team has been frequenting Crema in West Vancouver, which has the best chai tea lattes.

What has been the most significant change that you’ve noticed in Vancouver within the last few years when it comes to real estate?
The evolution of master plan communities to encompass mixed-use development with transit access at their core. The Amazing Brentwood and MC2 are great examples of how the demand for a lifestyle of convenience is shaping our community building and influencing urban planning.

What is it about this city that makes you want to live here rather than somewhere else?
Aside from close proximity to my family for Sunday night dinners, our lifestyle is unique in Vancouver. We have the ability to snowshoe in the morning, paddleboard after brunch and then grab a world-class dinner in the city, all within this crazy beautiful backdrop. No matter where in the world I travel, there is nothing like coming home to Vancouver.

Tell us about your everyday essentials.
Computer, phone, keys, cards, Ilia Femme Fatal lipstick, lady length Party Skirt that is perfect for work to an evening out and a sweaty class at Ride Cycle Club. Finally, my passport, which motivates me to take one big adventure a year. Last year I went to Peru, and this year I am thinking a hiking trip in Bhutan or Antigua.

Thanks Natalie!