rennie team tuesday - Sara Beikoghli

Meet Sara Beikoghli, Advisor at rennie. 

Why do you work with rennie?
I started working with rennie because of their impeccable reputation and my admiration for the Condo King, Bob Rennie. I wanted to have the flexibility of working in new home developments, as well as focusing on resale. rennie offers the best of both worlds. Now, after being with rennie for almost 4 years, I have to say that I simply love our work culture and our people. We are a strong team who support and educate each other. Just being around rennie people gives me a sense of comfort, knowing that I can always count on my colleagues. I am proud to be a member of the rennie team.

What makes you passionate about real estate?
I eat and breath real estate. I always tell my clients: “Do not wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait...” I am fascinated by how real estate changes over the years, how new communities and neighborhoods are formed from just a piece of vacant land. If we could do a time-lapse image of how real estate has transcended Vancouver into a world-class city in the past couple of decades, it would breathtaking. I love being in a position to help my clients find their dream home or sell their property. After all, it is the biggest and most important purchase or sale of their lives.

What do you value most in your friends?
Integrity and unconditional love.

What do you most value in your colleagues?
I think there are certain characteristics that apply to all relationships, be it personal or professional. The one I value most from both colleagues, as well as friends, is integrity. We all experience challenges, as well as opportunities, throughout our lives and careers. How we perceive, process and react to these moments ultimately demonstrates the strength of our character – having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be, is a characteristic I admire and value. After all, building a reputation of integrity take years, but only takes a second to lose.

What has been the most significant change that you’ve noticed in Vancouver within the last few years, for better or worse?
Significant growth. Especially downtown, where barriers to entry are high, the city has been challenging the real estate development industry to grow in a meaningful and sustainable manner, with unique and innovative buildings and modern technologies. Floor plans have been getting smaller but more efficient, buildings have been getting taller but more interesting. With a backdrop of natural beauty and elegance, I have witnessed Vancouver blossom into one of the most enjoyable cities to live in, for the better.

Where do you go for a dose of culture in this city?
Living in such an ethnically-diverse environment, I don’t have to look beyond my work to get a dose of culture! On a daily basis, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. This, of course, means learning different methods of communication and being respectful towards the traditions and needs of my clients, whether it’s being sensitive towards multi-generational living arrangements, Feng Shui principals or even specific interior finishes that are traditional in certain cultures.

Tell us about your everyday essentials.

A pair of heels, cell phone, jug of water, business cards, laptop, lip balm. I have a routine every day, usually starts with telling myself out loud: “I’m going to have a great day!” Then a cup of coffee, a session in the gym and, afterwards, get beautified for work and daily activities. I do not know what I would do without my phone or laptop – sad to say but true. And I make it a point to call my parents every day, reminding them of how much I love them.

Thanks Sara!

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