rennie team tuesday - Spencer Graffos

Meet Spencer, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 15 fun things about Spencer including his personal mantra, his favourite outdoor space, and a standout travel memory.

What inspired you to join rennie?
I joined rennie because of the amazing culture and resources that are provided to the advisors here. We have a full-service marketing team and a full-time Economist ensuring that we have the data and content to serve our clients to the highest standard. This is unmatched amongst other real estate brokerages in Vancouver. 

What led to a career in real estate?
I got into real estate because of my passion for people and helping them achieve their goals. I am also driven to set standards in our industry. 

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
If I didn't take a plunge into real estate I would have likely pursued a career in acting. 

A song you can sing word for word?
"I am the Highway" by Audioslave.

A underrated restaurant in the city?
My favourite restaurant, Minerva's in Kerrisdale, has the best Mediterranean style dishes in Vancouver hands down! The food is delicious and I highly recommend it. However, I wouldn't say it's the most underrated especially by those who know it and have been going for years. 

Your favourite thing to splurge on?
I love popcorn with butter. 

Best outdoor space in the city?
I've lived near Kitsilano Beach for many years. The community is small and most people who live in the area know each other. The beach is beautiful in the summer and the seawall is perfect for running, biking, or going for a nice walk after beachfront dinner and drinks.

A personal mantra you live by?
"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today." In the age of social media it is easier and more accessible to play the comparison game with others. Choosing to focus on your own personal development unapologetically is probably one of the most powerful things one can do.

Your industry idol and why?
Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing LA. I was always fascinated by the luxury properties he sells, even before getting into real estate myself. 

Current bedside book?
Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone.

A stand-out travel memory?
Experiencing a hidden underground club in Mykonos Greece where my friends and I had the time of our lives. We tried to find it again the next day and couldn't. 

Most memorable concert attended?
I have a couple that come to mind. Alice in Chains in Vancouver and Queen in London. Unfortunately both without their original lead singers. 

A charity you feel passionate about?
I currently volunteer with the East End Boys Club. We work with marginalized young men ages 13-19. Our goal is to provide life skills training through an approved curriculum and mentorship program. 

Most memorable job prior to real estate?
I tried to start an athletic clothing company with a friend and it taught me a lot about what was required to start a business and what not to do when starting a business. It was definitely a learning experience.

One improvement you'd like to see this city make?
I would like to see the night life improve. Having worked in the industry for a few years and having experienced night life in other cities, our night life scene is definitely lacking.  

Thank you, Spencer. Welcome to #teamrennie

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