rennie team tuesday - Tanis Fritz

Meet Tanis, a new member of our growing advisor team. Learn 14 fun things about Tanis including what led her to an exciting career in real estate, her favourite outdoor space, and an organization she founded helping other women.

Inspiration to join rennie

I chose to join rennie as part of the VPG x rennie integration. In Vancouver, rennie is synonyms with real estate and the brokerage has a sterling reputation; that's important to me. I'm also a proponent for data-based decisions and I've even created my own systems to support that. rennie brings it all together for me.

What led to a career in real estate
I turned to real estate after nearly two decades working in public relations, ultimately running my own PR agency for lifestyle brands. I was ready for a change and wanted to apply my communications expertise and vast network to a successful career in real estate. After my initial hesitations, I was licensed in record time.

One thing most people don’t know about you
I'm a pretty open book, so not much, but I did co-author a cookbook once upon a time -- Mangia with Quattro Family-Style Italian from the Heart.

Something that brings you joy
Seeing my children joyful.

A favorite thing to splurge on

Something you collect
I don't actually collect anything, but you'd think I was lying if you saw how many wooden boards I have displayed in my kitchen. They do come in handy for staging though.

Best outdoor space in the city
I live in Lions Bay and there are incredible hiking trails right outside my door. Lions Bay Beach is the quintessential community hotspot.

A personal mantra 
Do less. Live better. Love more. This has been my mantra for 5 years and life is better than ever. Before getting into real estate I considered creating a lifestyle brand around it. I'm pretty selective about the who, what, and why of how I spend my time. That's the do less part. It's the hardest piece of the puzzle.

A movie you would recommend
I recently watched The Grand Budapest Hotel with my teenage son, who is an aspiring filmmaker. I love the quick and quirky characters and it is a visually stimulating movie as well. A perfect example of Director, Wes Anderson's perfect symmetry.

A stand-out travel memory
Where should I begin? Getting engaged in Santorini stands out. To celebrate my 40th birthday, Phil and I traveled to Greece on a super-luxe holiday. We picked out my engagement ring together to match the azure blue waters and because it's my children's birthstone. Calling home to share the good news over a seaside seafood dinner is a moment I'll never forget.

A charity you feel passionate about
This isn't a charity but I have founded an organization called We to Me (we need a better name, suggestions welcome.) Our mandate is women guiding women toward thriving, independent financial lives, post-divorce. We host free, quarterly seminars to support women by providing expertise in family law, financial planning (including mortgage and real estate), and mental health.

Most memorable job prior to real estate
I had many incredible experiences during my PR days including handling crisis communications for a restaurant I worked with, opening the Opus Hotel, and meeting Bill Clinton, Iron Chef Morimoto, and HRH The Prince of Wales along the way. The most memorable moment was conceptualizing, securing the publishing deal, and co-authoring the cookbook though.

A home project to tackle
I'd love to create a private workspace in our open concept home. Sharing the office with my #WFH husband during the pandemic has been an adjustment.

A decompress method for stress
See do less personal mantra above. When that doesn't work, I try to slow down, meditate, hit the hot tub, take in the view, and count my blessings. This too shall pass.

Thank you, Tanis. Welcome to #teamrennie! 

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