Top 5 Private Schools in Metro Vancouver

One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a new family home is nearby schools. Schools are a huge factor in both a parent and child’s daily life and one that can make a significant impact. Factors to consider when choosing a private school include class size, community, tuition, academic and non-academic programs - many of Vancouver’s private schools hold among the highest levels of academia in the province. We’ve rounded up the top 5 private schools in Metro Vancouver for parents considering a new home and schools nearby. Note: Rankings are based on Fraser Institute’s 2015 Report Card of British Columbia’s top secondary institutions. “=” represents a tie in ranking

York House (#1=)
Location: 4176 Alexandra Street
Tuition: $20,600 - $21,400/year
2015-16 Rank: 1/293
Rank in the most recent five years: 1/264

York House School is located in Vancouver’s prestigious Shaughnessy neighbourhood. This all-girls school has carried a great reputation and been consecutively ranked number one in the province over the last five years. York House School prides itself in its small classes and the highest caliber of teachers. While primarily an academic school, York House’s sports teams are provincially ranked year over year, and also boast an award-winning arts department.

Crofton House (#1=)
Location: 3200 41st Ave W
Tuition: $21,000/year
2015-16 Rank: 1/293
Rank in the most recent five years: 2/264

Established in 1898, Crofton House is an independent all girls school educating students from kindergarten to Grade 12 with a focus on preparing its students for university and the future ahead. At Crofton House, you’ll find small classes and passionate teachers with a wide variety of academic classes as well as comprehensive sports, clubs and activities programs. An exemplary location at the border of Dunbar and Kerrisdale on an impressive 10 acres, the environment at Crofton House is sure to impress

Little Flower Academy (#1=)
Location: 4195 Alexandra St
Tuition: $7,100/year 2015-16 Rank: 1/293
Rank in the most recent five years: 3/264

Little Flower Academy and York House are neighbours in both location and class on the Fraser Institute’s provincial scale as number one. Little Flower Academy is an all-girls Catholic school for students in Grade 8 to 12. Its focus is on providing their students with the best in education in an all-girls environment with a Catholic value-based curriculum.

West Point Grey Academy (#5=)
Location: 4125 8th Ave W
Tuition: $ 19,600-$21,400
2015-16 Rank: 5/293
Rank in the most recent five years: 6/264

The focus of West Point Grey is on their students is their overall wellbeing, offering classes for girls and boys from kindergarten to Grade 12. West Point Grey provides signature experiences that model empathy and integrity as a basis for all actions, in parallel with keeping a strong academic program and include signature experiences such as co-curricular clubs, debate programs, digital arts, engineering design, global learning, and outdoor environmental education.

St. George’s School  (#5=)
Location: 4175 W 29th Ave
Tuition: $21,585 - $23,985 2015-16
Rank: 5/293
Rank in the most recent five years: 4/264

Located near the lush grounds of UBC, St. George’s School prides itself in its vision of “Canada’s World School for Boys”. It boasts two expansive campuses where a wide variety of classes including over 50 academic classes, 50 athletic classes, and 50 club electives between Grades 7-12. Focused on life lessons that aren’t always found in the classroom, St. George’s takes a boy-centered approach on programs in arts, athletics, leadership, service, and outdoor education. It’s a place where young men graduate with a global outlook in a rapidly changing world.

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