Top 5 Private Schools on Vancouver Island

When it comes to choosing the right school for your children, many questions come to mind: How advanced is the academic curriculum? Does the faculty support the arts? When will they implement an international exchange program? Regardless of your concerns, these five top-tier private schools in the Greater Victoria Area exceed the requirements of an enriching education, with academic achievement and individual development at the core of all programs.

St. Michael’s University School
St. Michaels’ University School is synonymous with excellence. This world-class, co-ed day and boarding school boasts the largest and longest-running advanced placement (AP) program in Canada, and focuses on bringing university-level academic skills to the classroom. Their leading AP program gives students access to a wealth of academic programs including calculus, Chinese language and culture, environmental science, and art history. But academics is not their only focus; St. Michael’s University School also offers premium programs in arts and athletics, from scriptwriting to cricket. 

Shawnigan Lake School
Nestled between pristine Shawnigan Lake and three hundred acres of wooded and landscaped grounds, Shawnigan Lake School is a secondary-level boarding school with a vast selection of advanced placement and preparatory programs. The largest boarding school on Vancouver Island, Shawnigan Lake School is located just 45 minutes north of Victoria’s downtown core. The development of well-rounded individuals is evident through the school’s enviable athletic programs (elite rugby, anyone?) and leading academic programs, including the preparatory program tailored to its growing international student body.

Brentwood College School
Since 1923, Brentwood College School has been providing its students with the independence and confidence necessary for post-secondary school success. A truly global-minded boarding school, Brentwood College accepts many international students to their stunning oceanfront campus and offers instruction in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin. Waterfront living surely has its perks, as students can easily join athletic programs such as sailing and rowing. Perhaps this is an underlying reason as to why Brentwood College boasts 24 Olympians as alumni. 

Glenlyon Norfolk School
An earnest and noble leader in primary and secondary education, Glenlyon Norfolk School aims to “challenge and support students to do their best through truth and courage in learning and in life.” As one of only a handful of schools in Canada to adhere to the International Baccalaureate (IB) education program, Glenlyon Norfolk is beyond your typical academic education. As per the IB approach, students are encouraged and challenged through inquiry-based learning focused on critical thinking, academic development, and character building. All this, and breathtaking oceanfront views as well. 

St. Margaret’s School
Female empowerment and leadership are at the core of St. Margaret’s School’s mission. Canada’s only all-girl STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) school, St. Margaret’s caters to students from early childhood education until high school graduation. For students in early-learning years, St. Margaret’s offers play- and nature-based programs, as well as highly-specialized academic instruction. Students between grades 7 and 12 can join the residence program and enjoy an urban-rural boarding school experience in a tranquil neighbourhood surrounded by walking and cycling paths.

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