'Unapologetically Canadian' for Canada 150

Our world is changing at an accelerated pace - but the one thing that hasn’t changed throughout time is the set of values that power the human heart. We are proud Canadians who aspire to live in a peaceful, loving society that embraces diversity, equality, respect, openness, understanding and acceptance.

The individuals in our first-ever video as a company are members of our rennie team - along with some of their children. Collectively, they are lending a voice, and sharing what they believe in about social issues that matter in this day and age. We don’t pretend to know the answers and know not everyone may necessarily agree, but we believe a step in the right direction is when people care enough to speak up - and simply just start the conversation. At rennie, these important values are the foundation of who we are. Celebrate being Canadian.

Watch the video here.


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