Historically High Buying Activity Continues - March 2021

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Episode #12: Historically High Buying Activity Continues - March 2021
In this episode, we join members of the rennie intelligence team, Ryan Berlin and Bowen Behan Pausey, along with rennie advisor, Lorenzo Daminato, to review the latest residential data for the Vancouver Region and discuss three key insights gleaned in February 2021:

  • Historically-high demand in February was a feature of all home-type segments and all areas within the Vancouver region
  • Home price growth has accelerated due to inadequate supply being available to would-be buyers.
  • Market activity is likely to normalize later this year.

Follow along as our team dives into these key insights, explores why they matter, and how they can better inform your real estate journey.

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Featured guests
Ryan Berlin, Senior Economist and Director of Intelligence
Bowen Behan Pausey, Business Data Analyst, Housing
Lorenzo Damnato, rennie advisor & rennie leader 

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