the rennie landscape - Q4 2019

While Metro Vancouver’s housing market shifted into consistent positive sales comps in Q3 and has continued along this new trajectory in Q4, the story told by the broader contextual data was more reserved in Q4 than in the previous quarter. That said, trends in virtually all of the region’s (and the country’s) economic fundamentals remained positive in the final three months of 2019; those in turn, combined with recessionary fears having moved to the back-burner, have set the stage for the region to continue its recent trend of continued population and job growth and rising home sales.

Each quarter, rennie intelligence produces the rennie landscape, that tracks a variety of demographic and economic indicators that directly and indirectly influence our housing market here in Metro Vancouver. Our goal is to provide our community with a basis for evaluating the trajectory of the factors that collectively define the context for the real estate market.

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