hard working, honest, diligent, professional, flexible, adaptive, attentive
We've known Howard for over 25 years. Without fail, in his work, he has been hard working, honest, diligent, professional, flexible, adaptive, attentive and, personally, he is a conscientious, kind, sensitive and amiable person. 

He helped us sell an estate property and was knowledgeable about the unique legalities of such a sale. He was sensitive to our needs and to the nature of the estate sale and went above and beyond after the sale to help with special requests from us. 

He did extensive research on the community involved to have a comprehensive understanding of the local market and even though the property was a little unique, was able to strategically price the home relevant to the current and developing market. He discussed many options with us at length. He was very knowledgeable about stratas (which were involved) and the specific criteria of this strata as it pertained to selling the property. There were a lot of details involved, both procedural and legal that we would never have known about if it weren't for him. 

He made many helpful and economical recommendations in preparing and showing the home for the maximum benefit and had the property professionally photographed and videoed and the resulting listing was very impressive and attractive. 

He also demonstrated an expansive knowledge of so many areas of the market in the lower mainland from the potential gains and pitfalls of investment properties, to redevelopment sites and both local and foreign markets. 

He had a very thorough and comprehensive understanding of the legalities of the process and helped us sell to a challenging buyer. He handled difficult people with equanimity, professionalism and diplomacy. 

Ultimately we got top dollar for the sale. We would definitely use Howard again.