Explore Homes through 3D Virtual Tours

There’s a new way to search for homes on rennie.com. For homebuyers who are currently in the housing market, you can now experience 3D virtual tours of homes using modern technology. With open houses happening less frequently, technology has made viewing and experiencing a home possible without having to physically step inside it. Virtual tours allow you to enter other homes in the comfort of your own, efficiently, and safely. 

Search on your terms
Virtual tours are like a permanent open house, allowing you to access listings at your own time, in your own space. You are empowered to search and view listings at your convenience. As a bonus, you get to “tour” homes for as long as you’d like and “visit” as often as you please. 

Viewing even a portion of listings virtually means that you can save the valuable time you would have otherwise spent traveling from one open house appointment to the next. When you find a home that you are more serious about, you will still have the option to make an appointment to view it in person. By then you would have likely narrowed down some of the choices and are only scheduling to see the homes you are most interested in. 

Access virtual tours
To view listings on rennie.com that offer virtual tours, navigate to the Home page or Property Search page. When you are starting on the Property Search page, click 'tours' on the top toolbar, then select 'virtual tours'. This will prompt all listings offering virtual tours to populate. Determine the home you want to see and click on the video camera icon located on the top right-hand corner of the listing pop-up to experience a virtual tour of that home. 

Lean on a Realtor
As virtual tours of listings become a more prominent option to explore, it’s still important for homebuyers to lean on a Realtor. While all you need is a smartphone or computer to access virtual listings, a Realtor can still help you navigate the nuances of an ever-evolving market and to ensure you are up to date with homes that do not offer virtual tours.

Searching and researching for homes online is often the first step of the buyer's journey. Connect with a rennie advisor or email us at info@rennie.com if you need assistance setting-up search filters and property alerts or to view listings offering virtual tours.

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