the rennie advance - August 2019

While one data point does not make a trend, after 17 months of a negative sales gap, the Greater Vancouver market may have turned a corner. When compared to July of last year, overall sales were up 23%. This was the largest year-over-year increase overall seen since November 2017.

With August traditionally being a slow month in the real estate world, we will be watching how this picture evolves through August and early September.

See the latest rennie advance, a summary of sales and listings trends in the Greater Vancouver board area, compiled and released by our rennie intelligence team ahead of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Stats. 

Our rennie intelligence team comprises our in-house demographer, senior economist, and market analysts. Together, they empower individuals, organizations, and institutions with data-driven market insight and analysis. Experts in urban land economics, community planning, shifting demographics, and real estate trends, their strategic research supports a comprehensive advisory service offering and forms the basis of frequent reports and public presentations. Their thoughtful and objective approach truly embodies the core values of rennie.


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