the rennie landscape - Q2 2019

Metro Vancouver's economy is leading the way among metros across Canada. With its historically-low unemployment rate, robust job and wage growth, and an increasingly accommodating borrowing environment, we expect balanced housing market conditions to continue to prevail across the region for the foreseeable future. Continually evolving demographic trends are driving the need for new housing supply, while an abundance of interventionist housing policies combined with solid economic fundamentals over the past quarter have helped to stabilize the market. 

Each quarter, rennie intelligence produces the rennie landscape, that tracks a variety of demographic and economic indicators that directly and indirectly influence our housing market here in Metro Vancouver. Our goal is to provide our community with a basis for evaluating the trajectory of the factors that collectively define the context for the real estate market.

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While the opportunities for downsizing abound, we expect these unsustainably-high gaps to close somewhat in 2022 as a result of natural market forces, making it a little bit easier for some households to make their next move.


Though Canada, British Columbia, and Metro Vancouver are getting older, the age make-up of municipal populations across the region varies considerably.


In the Vancouver Region, relative home values—that is, how close to or far from the regional average prices—appear to be one predictor of potential value appreciation over time.Our rennie intelligence team comprises our in-house demographer, senior economist, and market analysts. Together, they emp…