the rennie landscape - Q3 2019

After 18 months of sliding sales, increasing inventory, and placid prices, the trajectory of Metro Vancouver's housing market is poised to change. A recent re-emergence of previously sidelined demand has coincided with some of the fastest employment growth and wage growth in Canada, with the unemployment rate being driven to a near-historical low. 

These factors, combined with continued population growth in Metro Vancouver and an interest rate environment that has gone from market headwind to definitive tailwind over the past 10 months, bode well for the region's pre-sale and resale markets. 

Each quarter, rennie intelligence produces the rennie landscape, that tracks a variety of demographic and economic indicators that directly and indirectly influence our housing market here in Metro Vancouver. Our goal is to provide our community with a basis for evaluating the trajectory of the factors that collectively define the context for the real estate market.

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