Top Private Elementary Schools in Vancouver

For parents, choosing to settle down in a neighbourhood with reputable school options can be as important of a factor as a neighbourhood’s walking score, or the range of amenities offered. Fortunately, according to the Fraser Institute, Vancouver has numerous private elementary schools ranking at or near the top of the list – a measure reflecting their academic performance. Schools ranked by the Fraser Institute were measured in the areas of reading, numeracy, and writing – as these are indicative of the schools overall performance. While we acknowledge that the Fraser Institute’s criteria for top schools is limited, it is nonetheless a good place to begin when considering neighbourhoods to live and schools to attend.

Corpus Christi 
Location: 6344 Nanaimo Street
Neighbourhood: Killarney
2017-18 Rank: 1/955

Founded in principles of Catholicism, Corpus Christi strives to develop academic excellence while dedicating itself to the spiritual formation of its approximately 312 students. The school is ‘grounded in the significance of contemplative prayer, environmental awareness, and the joyful presence of hospitality’. Beyond academics, Corpus Christi school programs include the arts, music, and athletics. Parents are highly involved with their participation responsible for fundraising programs which help to bolster a quality education.

Crofton House
Location: 3200 41st Ave W
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2017-18 Rank: 1/955

Established in 1898, Crofton House is located on Vancouver's Westside, situated on 10 acres. Crofton House is known for educating girls from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and consistently ranking among British Columbia’s most prominent and academically successful elementary schools. Learning is tailored to girls specifically as Crofton House believes that girls learn differently, therefore maximizing the chances that each student will reach their full potential. Crofton House is proud to have dedicated teachers, involved parents, and inspired students, with an approach based on the values of courage, creativity, and citizenship.

St George's School
Location: 4175 W 29th Ave
Neighbourhood: Dunbar-Southlands
2017-18 Rank: 1/955

St. George’s School is an all-boys prep school, educating young men from grades one through twelve, and offering to board for the student in grades eight through twelve. Roughly 109 of its 1150 students come from over 20 countries worldwide. St. George’s School aspires to develop young men who exhibit integrity, humility, empathy and respect while offering service in their communities and acting as leaders. The school aspires to ensure that each student will develop to be everything they’re capable of. As research suggests boys learn differently than girls, St. George’s tailors it’s teaching to the learning of boys. St. George students are known to excel in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Vancouver College
Location: 5400 Cartier St.
Neighbourhood: Kerrisdale
2017-18 Rank: 1/955

Looking to educate young men using a foundation of faith, Vancouver College is “served by the Congregation of Christian Brothers”. Founded in 1922, the mission of Vancouver College is to educate boys of diverse background assisting them in achievement, leadership and service to the church and community. 1060 students have enrolled in Vancouver College in grades Kindergarten through grade twelve. While having a strong foundation in academics, Vancouver College is well known for athletics too and has many provincial championship titles in basketball, football, badminton, lacrosse and track and field with national titles in rowing. Choral, theatre, band, fine arts, debate and public speaking are also available to students.

West Point Grey Academy
Location: 4125 8th Ave W
Neighbourhood: West Point Grey
2017-18 Rank: 1/955

West Point Grey Academy was founded in 1996, helping to educate 940 young men and women from junior kindergarten to grade twelve. With a focus on developing the “whole child”, West Point Grey Academy seeks to enhance its’ students academically, emotionally, physically and socially. Educational efforts are tailored to students unique learning styles with the goal of developing confident learners, caring citizens, with the ability to impact change in their local and global community. West Point Grey Academy provides an opportunity for athletics including cross country running, swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field, and golf too. The arts programs offer opportunity in art and design, drama and acting, in addition to music and band.

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