You Can't Complete What You Don't Start: Vancouver Purpose-Built Rental Homes
After years of neglect, Metro Vancouver’s purpose-built rental market is finally being tended to through the addition of thousands of new homes.

Across Canada, purpose-built rental markets have been the recipients of inadequate attention—at least insofar as new supply is concerned. Here in Metro Vancouver, the stock of purpose-built rental homes has, in fact, dwindled by 1% since 1991 as the population has expanded by 68%, resulting in one per-capita measure of rental housing prevalence—the number of rental homes per 1,000 residents—declining from 72 to 42 (a 41% drop) over that period. 

Has the tide turned in recent years? Data on rental housing completions suggest this might be the case. The region added an average of 5,400 purpose-built rental homes annually over the past five years versus an average of just over 1,300 annually over the prior 25 years. For the sake of a balanced rental market and affordable rents, let’s hope this continues.

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