A Step-by-Step Guide on Finding Your Catchment Area

When it comes to finding a home fit for raising your family, a key part of the decision-making process is largely due to determining the catchment area in which your children will be attending school. In B.C., a student can not simply choose their preferred public school, instead the determinant for school attendance is your catchment area based on the residential address of the student's parent or guardian. Here we outline how you can determine your designated catchment area information online.  

How to find your catchment area
First things first: you’ll need an address on where to start your search. If you’re in the process of buying or even just considering buying a new home, be sure you possess the correct home address. A great starting point is exploring our property search.

Utilize the online school locator tool; all schools are synched to the same mybaragar.com system and no matter where you live in B.C., your municipality will have its own designated site. Alternatively, you can search “school locator [corresponding city or municipality]”, i.e. “school locator Burnaby”.

Once you have entered the street name of your current or future home, click “find school” and you will be directed to a list of all the assigned schools in your catchment area.

To learn more about any school within a catchment area, visit the Fraser Institute, which objectively ranks elementary and secondary schools in BC. Additionally, read the Report Card on British Columbia’s Elementary Schools 2019 and the Report Card on British Columbia’s Secondary Schools 2019.

Here are compiled lists for the top private and public elementary schools and top private and public secondary schools in Vancouver. 
Top Private Elementary Schools in Vancouver
Top Public Elementary Schools in Vancouver
Top Private Secondary Schools in Vancouver
Top Public Secondary Schools in Vancouver

Learning about your next home's catchment area is often among the first steps in a home buyer's journey. To get started, connect with a rennie advisor or contact us at info@rennie.com.

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