top 5 Vancouver neighbourhoods for first-time buyers

World-renowned for its iconic scenery, Vancouver has earned its reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world. Marrying supernatural surroundings to a modern urban identity, those who call Vancouver home enjoy the best of both worlds. A home set in one of the country's most sought-after area codes often begins as an aspiration. Yet, many communities continue to attract first-time buyers as they enter into homeownership. Read on as we explore five of Vancouver’s most popular neighbourhoods for new homeowners. 

The West End 

The West End truly is the hallmark of Vancouver’s global appeal. Bounded by the waters of English Bay, Coal Harbour and the Lost Lagoon, this quintessential Vancouver neighbourhood is abundant in both charm and beauty. Conveniently nestled between Stanley Park and downtown, the West End is a walkable community rich with heritage, beloved eateries, and arguably, the city’s greatest sunsets.

Featured Listings:

1504 - 1251 Cardero Street
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 597 SF
Price: $399,900

705 - 1331 Alberni Street
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 605 SF
Price: $690,900

902 - 1050 Smithe Street
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 2 BA, 934 SF
Price: $939,900

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Strathcona, one of the city’s earliest neighbourhoods, is a wealth of culture and character. Boasting one of Vancouver's largest concentrations of 19th and 20th-century homes,  the community has continued to grow throughout its long and storied history. Diverse and eclectic, exploring the neighbourhood will lead you to stunning murals, overflowing community gardens, and culinary delights for every palate and budget.

Featured Listings:

429 - 289 Alexander Street
Type: Loft
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 790 SF
Price: $767,000

520 - 221 Union Street
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 1 BA, 812 SF
Price: $795,000

704 - 933 E Hastings Street
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 1 BA, 761 SF
Price: $799,900


Renfrew-Collingwood is an emerging neighbourhood, running along Vancouver’s east boundary, spanning between Kingsway and Broadway. Best known for its strong, independent businesses and authentic flavours, the neighbourhood is gaining popularity  for its value and consistent growth. Both connected by transit and ripe with tucked-away parks to explore, it’s a community on the rise.

Featured Listings:

710 - 4888 Nanaimo Street
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 534 SF
Price: $549,000

1602 - 4815 Eldorado Mews
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 2 BA, 855 SF
Price: $768,000

903 - 2435 Kingsway
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 2 BA, 902 SF
Price: $899,000


Grandview-Woodland, a historical community stretching from the heart of Commercial Drive, is one of the city’s revered treasures. Tree-lined streets for scenic strolls may lead to John Hendry Park known by locals as Trout Lake, swaths of fruit stands, locally-owned shops, or the taste of Little Italy. Today, the area is the city’s most diverse with an identity all its own. Its enduring appeal continues to draw the interest of those in pursuit of true community. 

Featured Listings:

305 - 1429 William Street
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 756 SF
Price: $649,000

412 - 2550 Garden Drive
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 591 SF
Price: $794,000

2333 Napier Street
Type: Townhome
Details: 2 BD | 2 BA, 885 SF
Price: $999,000

Mount Pleasant 

When Broadway, Kingsway, and Main Street meet, you’ve arrived in Mount Pleasant. The colourful trove of street art, coffee shops, vibrant businesses, and heritage buildings has been capturing the eye of urban professionals, families and first-time buyers for well over two decades. As host of the Vancouver Mural Festival, the neighbourhood has undergone a colourful transformation since 2016, painting a once-ordinary city corridor by the talents of internationally renowned artists. 

Featured Listings:

405 - 1661 Quebec Street
Type: Condo
Details: 1 BD | 1 BA, 465 SF
Price: $615,000

2 - 280 6th Avenue
Type: Condo
Details: 0 BD | 1 BA, 693 SF
Price: $699,900

403 - 180 E 2nd Avenue
Type: Condo
Details: 2 BD | 2 BA, 786 SF
Price: $948,000

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