REBGV January 2016 Market Update Video

Here's the minutes:

  • home buyer activity remain at near record levels across Metro Vancouver
  • there were 2,519 sales on the MLS in January (2016)...up 31.7% from last year
  • January 2016 sales were 46% above the 10-year average
  • ranks as the 2nd highest selling January month on record
  • there were 4,442 new home listings added to the MLS in January (2016)...a 6.2% decrease from STLY
  • in total, there are currently 6.635 listings on MLS in January (2016)...38% decrease from of the lowest totals we've seen in many years
  • benchmark price for all residential homes rose to $775,300 in January (2016)...up 20.6% from STLY...broken down by: +25.9% increase for detached homes; +15.9% for condos; +14.6% for townhomes.
  • DEMAND divided by SUPPLY = SALES-TO-ACTIVE LISTINGS RATIO (2,519 sales in January divided by 6,635 total listings in January = 38% absorption)
  • analyst say downward pressure on home prices occurs when the sales-to-active listing ratio dips below the 12% mark
  • home prices experience upward pressure when sales-to-active listing ratio reaches 20%+ in a particular community for a sustained amount of time

HOME BUYER DEMAND (3 factors):

  1. Supply & Demand: +31.7% sales vs. -38% total listings = +20.6% MLS HPI Index (diminishing supply)
  2. Provincial Economy: BC's economy is out-performing the rest of Canada, strengthening consumer confidence (growing economy)
  3. Population Growth: Metro Vancouver continues to grow approx. 30,000 new people per year.

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