2016 rennie Census Results - Population by Age

The latest batch of 2016 Census data are now available and rennie intelligence has teased out some interesting—and in some cases, surprising--trends and observations. Among them:

  • The stock of single-family dwellings declined in 20 of 25 municipalities in BC’s Lower Mainland
  • The region’s seniors population is inexorably expanding, but kids still outnumber retirees
  • The young family formation / housing market entry age group of 20-39 year olds grew throughout the Lower Mainland, including in the City of Vancouver
Click here to download the 2016 Census results.

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While the opportunities for downsizing abound, we expect these unsustainably-high gaps to close somewhat in 2022 as a result of natural market forces, making it a little bit easier for some households to make their next move.


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