2016 rennie Census Results - Population Growth

Check out some of the highlights from the recent 2016 Census release on population and housing, including: BC is growing faster than the national average; the Lower Mainland is growing faster than the province; and within the region, population growth is going where the dwellings are.

Click here to download the 2016 Census results.

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Sales activity in the Vancouver Region continued to slow for the fourth-consecutive month in July, while inventory declined for the first time in 6 months. This series of events has created balanced conditions in the overall market, and conditions favouring buyers’ in the region’s detached home mar…


Benchmark Price Infographics for detached, townhomes, and condos in the areas of Vancouver region covered in the monthly rennie review.


The benefits of working remotely were never made clearer than during the worst of the pandemic. It seems the benefits of office-based working are clear now, too.Statistics Canada doesn’t maintain official estimates of “office-based” employment. On the one hand, this makes it difficult to objectivel…